What is the difference between Vaisnava society and non-Vaisnava society?

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The difference between Vaisnava society and non-Vaisnava society is that the ultimate goal of Vaisnava society is love of God. The goal of non-Vaisnava society is selfish lust. Those who live in ordinary society consider that the nourishment of the body, sense gratification, worldly moralities, the discovery of objects through material knowledge that enhance sense gratification, and the attempt to temporarily stop material miseries are society’s ultimate goal. Among such persons, some praise the happiness that comes after death, some praise heavenly enjoyment, and some praise the state of merging into the Lord’s existence. The living entities situated in Vaisnava society use physical nourishment, sense gratification, worldly morality, science, and the rejection of material unhappiness as ways to favorably cultivate Krsna consciousness. The shape of both Vaisnava society and non-Vaisnava society is one, but its characteristics are different.
(Sajjana Tosani 2/7)


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