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Vipracitti was a Danava (asura) born to Prajapati Kasyapa, by his wife Danu. Danu had given birth to thirtythree notorious asuras (demons). VipTacitti was the eldest of them. His younger brothers were Sambara etc.
(Maha-bharata Adi Parva Chapter 65; Stanza 25).

2) Other details. (i) Simhika was the wife of Vipracitti. This Simhika was the sister of Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksa, and the daughter of Kasyapa and Diti.
(Visnu Purana, Arhsa 1, Chapter 15).

(ii) It was this Vipracitti who took rebirth later as Jarasandha.
(Maha-bharata Adi Parva, Chapter 67, Stanza 4).

(iii) Vipracitti stays in the palace of Varuna praising and glorifying him.
(Maha-bharata Sabha Parva, Chapter 9, Stanza 12 ).

(iv) When Mahavisnu took the form of Vamana and began to measure the three wor1ds, Vipracitti with some asuras surrounded Vamana.
(Maha-bharata Sabha Parva, Daksinatya patha, Chapter 38).

(v) In Mahabharata, Salya Parva, Chapter 31, Stanza 12, a statement occurs to the effect that in days of old, Mahavisnu took the form of Indra and killed Vipracitti.

(vi) In the war between Devas and asuras, #Vipracitti was killed by Indra.
(Maha-bharata anti Parva, Chapter 47, Stanza 11).



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