Vadavagni, the fire under the ocean.

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There are descriptions of a particularly powerful fire under the ocean. We’ll give more information when we’ll arrive to this. Below some hints.

This fire is called Vadavanala or Vadavagni. Vadava meaning ‘mare’ and anala or agni denoting fire.

Vadavanala is a mare which breathes fire and stands on the ocean floor or it is fire found in the shape of a mare under the ocean. This submarine fire causes the sea water to evaporate and turn into mist, thus preventing the sea from overflowing on to the land. It is said that at the time of pralaya or deluge, vadavagni will stop doing this, causing the ocean to expand and submerge the earth. The fire of the submarine mare will burst forth in the form of volcanoes. Everything will be destroyed by lava and water. Thus there could be an interesting link between sea-level changes and mass extinction. Infact, oceans are the cause of both creation and destruction of the universe.





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