The Mystery and Secret of Bhagavad-gita

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Srila Prabhupada:…”Just like you’ll find in the Bhagavad-gita that Krsna requesting Arjuna to become a yogi, but He never asked him to cease from the fight. How one can become a yogi, at the same time remain a fighter? That, a practical example you see.


Krsna is asking Arjuna, tasmad yogi bhavarjuna. “My dear Arjuna, therefore you become a yogi.” But at the same time, He’s asking to fight. Now, we know the yogi sits down at a place and meditates and concentrates his mind and controls his senses. How is that he is fighting, at the same time yogi? Huh? This is the mystery of Bhagavad-gita. You can remain a fighting man, at the same time the highest yogi, highest sannyasi. How? In Krsna consciousness. You have to fight for Krsna. That’s all. That is the secret. That is the secret.


If you fight for Krsna, if you fight or work…work for Krsna, if you eat for Krsna, if you sleep for Krsna, if you do everything for Krsna, then you are the yogi, you are the sannyasi, and you are everything. That is the secret of Bhagavad-gita. It is practical example… how he became the most perfect yogi? Oh, that is, that we’ll find at the end of this chapter, that “One who is always thinking of Krsna…”


yoginam api sarvesam mad-gatenantar-atmana
sraddhavan bhajate yo mam sa me yuktatamo matah
[Bg. 6.47]


Krsna, when He saw that Arjuna, he is (chuckles) declining, then He said, “My dear Arjuna, you are the highest yogi. You are the topmost yogi.” Why? “Because you are always thinking of Me.” That’s all. “You have no other business than to think of Me.”


(Bhagavad-gita 6.1-4 – New York, USA September 2, 1966BY:



26 2nd Avenue New York City 1966 @ First ISKCON Temple
Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

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