The Mountain Mainaka – The Ramayana, in English

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In the depths of the waters lay a great mountain named Mainaka. Upon reaching it, Varuna asked her to rise from the depths of the sea to offer Hanuman a place to rest.

It is said that once, millions of years ago, mountains had wings and flew into the sky with great speed. The Devas and Rishis, afraid of the constant danger of these great flying masses, asked Indra to intervene and cut off those wings.

And as the king of the Devas proceeded to hurl his favorite weapon, the mighty lightning bolt towards them, Mainaka, aided by Vayu, escaped.

By hiding in the depths of the ocean, she escaped the wrath of Indra. Since that time Mainaka had remained there, blocking the access road to Patala. Mainaka was grateful to Vayu for helping her and thought of doing him a favor by helping Hanuman. Mainaka rose from the ocean and offered her slopes for the Vanara to rest, but Hanuman considered it would have been a waste of time on his mission and pushed the mountain with a hand, clearing the passage.

Mainaka admired his strength and determination, so she blessed him and let him pass. Hanuman continued the journey.


This is a section of the book “The Ramayana”, in English.

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