The box (Krishna’s pastime)

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After Yasoda had gone to talk to the goldsmiths, Subala and some of Sri Krishna’s other nearest and dearest cowherd boy friends came in. Krishna was overjoyed to see them.

After some discussion, He and His friends took the box to a lonely place.

There they opened it, took out the jewels, decorations and clothes, and handed them all to Dhanistha.

Then Sri Krishna Himself climbed into the box and, with the help of His friends, closed the lid.

After a little while, Yasoda returned.

Then the dull-witted Abhimanyu comes in to offer his respects to Yasoda before he returns home to Yavata.

Seeing Abhimanyu bowing down, Yasoda inquires of his welfare, and then instructs him……….



This is a section of the book

“Sri Camatkara-Candrika”

Wonderful refreshing pastimes from Radha Krishna’s eternal world


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