Maghera (Maghahera)

The gopis followed Akrura’s chariot from Nandagrama to the village of Maghera where they experienced feelings of unbearable pain and deep anguish at the thought of losing their beloved Krishna. At that time they all fainted and fell down on the ground as if they were dead. Some of them even tried … Read More

Vilachu Kunda (Govardhana)

  The forest of Vilachuvana has now disappeared but the beautiful Vilachu-kunda can still be seen. It is said that during the attack on Vrindavana by the Mughal tyrant Emperor Aurangzeb, the deity of Lord Harideva was hidden in this kunda for some time before being moved to Barauli. This very beautiful … Read More

Purva-raga and the first meeting of Radha Krishna in Sanket

Our Acaryas divide Sri Krishna’s transcendental pastimes into four phases, namely Kaumara, Pauganda, Kaisora and Yauvana.   The first, Kaumara, goes from His appearance day to the end of His fifth year. During this period Krishna enjoys affectionate pastimes with His parents. In his Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu Srila Rupa Gosvami explains that … Read More

Vira Devi, the Gopi of the meetings, and the village of Sanket

Vira Devi is a little known Gopi but plays an important role in Radha Krishna’s pastimes. She lives in Yavata, the same town of Radharani’s during her years as a married woman, and became very good friend with Jatila, Radharani’s mother-in-law. befriend Jatila. Vira Devi is worshipful and famous in Vraja-mandala, and … Read More

Vrinda Devi and a hint on Vrinda Kunda

Another name of Tulasi is Vrinda-devi (one who awards residence in Vrindavana). Srila Narottama dasa Thakura says: krpa kori koro tare vrindavana vasi, ”Dear Tulasi, please bestow your mercy upon me, so that I may forever reside in Vrindavana.”   Pastime The Vrindavana forest is named after Vrinda-devi, who performed penances here … Read More

Dohani-kunda (Varsana)

The cows were milked (godohana) here at the time of Krishna’s manifest pastimes. This was the cowshed of the many hundred of thousands of cows belonging to Vrishabhanu Maharaja.   One day, Kisori Radhika was watching the cows being milked, and She too desired to milk them. She took a clay pot … Read More

Helping others to reside in Sri Vrindavana Dham

“One who helps others reside in Vrindavan Dham by supplying them food, clothes, and residence develop wonderful attachment for Krishna and accumulates a million times more piety than one who resides there, because who reside there delivers only himself whereas one who helps others reside there delivers himself as well as those … Read More

Radharani’s parrots chanting

Parrots chanting Today there has been a big meeting of saris (Radharani’s parrots) in Radha Tila, hundreds of them, just below my asrama. It has been many years I did not see so many in this place. Unfortunately buildings have chased away not only peackock but birds also. Maybe ten years ago … Read More

Gulala Kunda (Govardhana)

The word ‘gulala’ refers to the powdery ‘bright red pigment’ used in religious ceremonies all over India. Once, on the occasion of the annual Holi festival, after having thrown red colored gulala powder on each other, Radha and Krishna came to this kunda near Ganthuli village to bathe. After they had bathed … Read More

Malyahari Kunda

Malyahari Kunda (also known as Malyaharini Kunda), Radha Kunda   This is the kunda where the famous pearl pastime took place that has been described in Raghunatha Dasa Goswami’s book Mukta-charita. One day, Krishna came to this kunda and saw that the gopis were making garlands and necklaces from very fine and beautiful … Read More

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