Chira Ghata, where Krishna stole the Gopi’s garments (not the one in Vrindavana)

Chira Ghata (Siyaro or Siyaraha) This is the celebrated ghata where Krishna stole the clothing of the gopis. The word ‘chira’ means ‘clothing’. After following the Katyayani vrata for one month by undergoing austerities at Tapovana, the gopis came here on the final day of the vrata to make a clay image … Read More

Most wonderful divine pastime in Deha Kunda (Unchagaon, Vraja)

Deha Kunda Here once one brahmin asked Krishna, “I have a daughter of marriageable age, can you please give me some wealth?” Krishna thought, “Radha is My only and entire wealth. But for Her, I possess nothing else of value.” So He told the brahmana, “I want to give you My entire … Read More

Uddhava Kyari (Nanda Grama)

  Uddhava Kyari (Udho-kriya-sthana)   The word ‘kyari’ means a ‘garden’ that is being systematically cultivated and also regularly watered. This particular garden was situated within the kunja or forest grove of kadamba trees belonging to Vishakha-sakhi, whose kunda is also nearby.   When Krishna left Vrindavana, all the residents especially the … Read More

Vimala Kunda (Kamyavana)

First story There is a story related in the Puranas regarding the appearance of Vimala-kunda. Once during caturmasya, all the sacred tirthas visited Kamyavana to pay their homage to Krishna, but the sacred lake Pushkara Tirtharaja failed to come. Therefore, in order to compensate for Pushkara Tirtha’s failure to appear, Krishna caused … Read More

Vrinda Devi Astakam (Vrindadevyastakam)

  (1) gāńgeya-cāmpeya-taḍid-vinindi- rociḥ-pravāha-snapitātma-vṛnde! bandhūka-bandhu-dyuti-divya-vāso vṛnde! namas te caraṇāravindam (2) bimbādharoditvara-manda-hāsya- nāsāgra-muktā-dyuti-dīpitāsye vicitra-ratnābharaṇa-śriyāḍhye! vṛnde! namas te caraṇāravindam (3) samasta-vaikuṇṭha-śiromaṇau śrī- kṛṣṇasya vṛndāvana-dhanya-dhāmni dattādhikāre vṛṣabhānu-putryā vṛnde! namas te caraṇāravindam (4) tvad-ājñayā pallava-puṣpa-bhṛńga- mṛgādibhir mādhava-keli-kuñjāḥ madhvādibhir bhānti vibhūṣyamāṇā vṛnde! namas te caraṇāravindam (5) tvadīya-dūtyena nikuñja-yunor atyutkayoḥ keli-vilāsa-siddhiḥ tvat-saubhagaḿ kena nirucyatāḿ tad vṛnde! namas te … Read More

Yasoda-kunda, Nanda Gaon (Nandagrama)

This pond is situated in Nanda Gaon, south of Nanda-bhavana. Mother Yasoda used to daily bath here. Sometimes, she would bring Krishna and Balarama along and joyfully watch Their childhood games. After bathing, Mother Yasoda would pray for Krishna’s well-being to Nrisimhadeva in the temple on the bank of the pond. An … Read More

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