Seva-kunja, Vrindavana

  Seva-kunja, Vrindavana This place is also called Nikunjavana. It lies just near the temple of Sri Radha-Damodara, to the south-west. A painting of Srimati Radhika with Sri Krishna massaging Her feet is worshipped here in a small temple. It is a garden where Radha and Krishna performed the rasa lila dance. … Read More


Raval What is the meaning of Vraja? Vraj is the root word of vrajati which means “to go”, “to move” or “to wander”. The residents of this place were always moving and going to places where there was fresh grass for their cows. Before the appearance of Srimati Radhika and Sri Krsna, … Read More

Deities Carved by Vajranabha

It is said that Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Krishna had 16 deities carved. It is said that these Deities were carved from a rare, imperishable stone called Braja. The four presiding Deities of Braja Mandala are Sri Harideva of Govardhan, Sri Keshava Deva of Mathura, Sri Baladeva of Baladeo, and Govindaji of … Read More

Gopastami, Gosthastami

On this day Lord Sri Krishna became a qualified cowherd. Before this day, he was a keeper of the calves. The Killing of Dhenukasura “Thus Sri Krishna, along with His elder brother Balarama, passed the childhood age known as kaumara and stepped into the age of pauganda, from the sixth year up to … Read More


At Brahmanda-Ghata, on the bank of the Yamuna River Krishna ate dirt. When forced by mother Yasoda to open His mouth, He revealed to her the entire cosmic manifestation (Brahmanda).  Therefore this place is called Brahmanda-Ghata. This is a peaceful place and is a good place to bath in the Yamuna. You … Read More

Cintaharana Ghata (Mahavana)

Cintaharana Ghat is a very beautiful holy place right on the shore of the Yamuna. It celebrates the transcendental pastime of Lord Siva reassuring Yasoda Mayi that her son Krishna was not under any evil spell. Free access to the Cintaharana Ghat folder clicking over this link   Please subscribe. No small … Read More

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