Gulala Kunda (Govardhana)

The word ‘gulala’ refers to the powdery ‘bright red pigment’ used in religious ceremonies all over India. Once, on the occasion of the annual Holi festival, after having thrown red colored gulala powder on each other, Radha and Krishna came to this kunda near Ganthuli village to bathe. After they had bathed … Read More

Malyahari Kunda

Malyahari Kunda (also known as Malyaharini Kunda), Radha Kunda   This is the kunda where the famous pearl pastime took place that has been described in Raghunatha Dasa Goswami’s book Mukta-charita. One day, Krishna came to this kunda and saw that the gopis were making garlands and necklaces from very fine and beautiful … Read More

Krishna Rasayatra

Krishna Saradiya Rasayatra The first full moon of the autumn season marks the celebration of Krsna’s dancing with the gopis. On this day the deities of Vrndavana are nicely decorated in white. Krsna lila dramas are enacted. Because the moon is very auspicious, the Vrajavasis leave pots of sweet rice exposed to … Read More

Tulasi Salagrama Vivaha

This is the celebration of the marriage ceremony of Srimati Tulasi Devi and Lord Sri Krishna in the form of Salagrama Sila.     You find the full story of Tulasi Salagrama Vivaha in our Archive.   # Vraja Lila # history # Tulasi # Salagrama

Taravali, the Gopi

Taravali is one Gopi of Candravali’s group. Her name means “many stars”.   तारावली    f.       tArAvalI        multitude of stars     तारावली    f.       tArAvalI        row of tones     More on # Taravali in our Archive.     # Gopi    

Seva-kunja, Vrindavana

  Seva-kunja, Vrindavana This place is also called Nikunjavana. It lies just near the temple of Sri Radha-Damodara, to the south-west. A painting of Srimati Radhika with Sri Krishna massaging Her feet is worshipped here in a small temple. It is a garden where Radha and Krishna performed the rasa lila dance. … Read More


Raval What is the meaning of Vraja? Vraj is the root word of vrajati which means “to go”, “to move” or “to wander”. The residents of this place were always moving and going to places where there was fresh grass for their cows. Before the appearance of Srimati Radhika and Sri Krsna, … Read More

Deities Carved by Vajranabha

It is said that Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Krishna had 16 deities carved. It is said that these Deities were carved from a rare, imperishable stone called Braja. The four presiding Deities of Braja Mandala are Sri Harideva of Govardhan, Sri Keshava Deva of Mathura, Sri Baladeva of Baladeo, and Govindaji of … Read More

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