Barefoot parikramā of Govardhana is superior to wearing shoes?

Sometimes devotees think that barefoot parikramā of Govardhana is superior to wearing shoes, or that walking is superior to taking a vehicle. One should not consider one type of parikramā as superior to another.   Srila Jiva Goswami says in the Gopāla-campū (Pūrva, 15): nātrāpy aṅghri-krāmitāvaśyakatvaṁ svacchandatvād yānam apy atra diṣṭam “It … Read More

Gahvaravana (Varsana)

  Gahvara means “deep”, “dense”, “inaccessible” and “secret”. True to its name, this place is a dense forest thick with trees, creepers, groves (keli-kunjas) and Priya-Priyatama’s sweet and intimate pastimes. It is shaped like a conch. Situated here is a sitting-place (baithaka) of Vallabhacarya, where he recited Srimad-Bhagavatam, Radha-sarovara and a rasa-mandala. … Read More

Radharani ki jaya, Maharani ki jaya

(1) rādhārāṇī kī jaya, mahārāṇī kī jaya bolo barsāne vālī kī jaya jaya jaya (2) ṭhakurāṇī kī jaya, hari priyā kī jaya vṛsabhānu-dulārī kī jaya jaya jaya (3) gaurāńgī kī jaya, hemāńgī kī jaya vrajarāja-kumārī kī jaya jaya jaya (4) vraja-rāṇī kī jaya, vraja devī kī jaya gahvara vana vārī kī jaya … Read More

Candra Sarovara (Parasauli)

This place is located about 2 Kms from Anyor village on the left side. After having spent the whole night engaged in rasa-dancing with the gopis, Krishna, while still wearing His special rasa-lila dress, came here to rest on the banks of Candra-sarovara. The gopis also came there and began massaging Krishna’s … Read More

Yavata, the town of Srimati Radharani and the Manjari

  Yavata (also known as Javat, Jao or Yao) is the town of Radharani and the Manjari   Yavata is the birthplace of the eight principle manjaris. Yavata‚ or Yava-grama, lies approximately two miles east of Nandagaon, and is one of the places where the Divine Couple Sri Radha-Krishna perform highly confidential … Read More

Tulasi Devi – instructions by Srila Prabhupada on how to worship Her

Three Tulasi-mantras Śrīla Prabhupāda: I am giving you herewith three mantras for Tulasī Devī as follows: vṛndāyai tulasī-devyai priyāyai keśavasya ca viṣṇu-bhakti-prade devī satya vatyai namo namaḥ This is offering OBEISANCES, bowing down (pancanga pranam).   And when COLLECTING LEAVES from the plant, the following mantra should be chanted: tulasy armṛta-janmāsi / … Read More

Paigaon, the hide and seek pastime

Paigaon (Paigrama, Pai)   One day Radha and Krishna were playing hide and seek along with the gopis, and after Krishna went and hid Himself and the gopis couldn’t find Him anywhere. After searching here and there for a long time, the gopis naturally started to feel separation. They then began crying … Read More

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