On defending and the other necessities of the material body

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Answer to a question Dear devotee, Srila Prabhupada mentions various times the four necessities of the soul identified with a material body, which are eating, sleeping, mating and defending. In Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya-lila 19.154, he says: “In the human form, everyone has a chance to understand the Supreme Brahman. The so-called leaders of human society do not know the real aim of human life and are therefore busy with economic development. This is misleading. Every state and every society is … Read More

Five types of liberation

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  Answer to a question There are five types of liberation one can achieve. The first four are called sarsti, sarupya, samipya and salokya. Sarsti is the power to achieve opulences equal to those of the Lord, sarupya is to have a form the same as the Lord’s samipya is living as a personal associate of the Lord, salokya is living on a Vaikuntha planet. The fifth is sayujya, which is to become one with Brahman. Srila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami … Read More

What is karma

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  The word karma comes from the sanskrit root kr, which more or less means “to do”. Every single action enacted by us will provoke a reaction of similar nature. Therefore it is a law of cause and effect. Both of them, cause and result, are denoted with the same word, to indicate their indissolublity. Those who are intelligent will not live in ignorance, keeping on acting blindly without calculating the nature of their doings. Virtuos actions will give pleasurable … Read More

Something about the form of Govardhana

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As you can see from the images taken from the satelite, Govardhana has a form of a peacock. This is what Sastras have always said even without the help of a satelite. As a result of a curse, Govardhana is sinking down below the surface in the measure of a mustard seed every day. Our future generations will not have the opportunity to see not even the partial part of Giri Govardhana that we can see. Around Govardhana there are … Read More

The Manus and the period of their lives

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Dear devotees, Few weeks ago a devotee asked me about the Manus and how long they live. As you know, lately I have been very busy and it took me some time to answer. Anyway this is my answer.   The Manu are the progenitor of the human race. Every some time there is a Manu whose task is to populate the Earth and promulgates laws. The book “The Laws of Manu” is called Manu Smriti and (according to some) … Read More

L’edizione migliore del Maha-bharata

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  Hare Krishna caro Govinda. sono contento che Kadacha ti sia piaciuto. Per quanto riguarda il Maha-bharata mi perdonerai la presunzione pero’ la mia edizione in italiano e’ la migliore, perche’ tutti i fatti e persino le conversazioni sono state mantenute cosi’ come sono nell’originale, anche se per ragioni di spazio tutto riassunto. Non c’e’ nulla di decente in spagnolo.   Per quanto riguarda l’edizione completa, che vuole dire piu’ di 100.000 versi, esistono solo due edizioni in inglese, quella … Read More

Narada Muni’s desire to accelerate the descent of the Lord

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Pregunta The question is, could this action by Narada Muni not be seen as something selfish on the part of a Holy person just because he had the feeling and desire to accelerate the arrival of the Supreme Lord?   Respuesta Querido Bhakta Jomi Por favor reciba mis bendiciones. Todas las glorias sean para Srila Prabhupada.   The devotees always have a strong desire to see the Lord and watch Him performing pastimes. While in the material world wanting something … Read More

Don’t criticize and don’t glorify… ??

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Question Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada No one should criticize or glorify others’ natures or activities. Śrīmad Bhāgavatam confirms this instruction. The Caitanya-bhāgavata states, para carcakera gati nāhi kona kale: a critic never attains benefit. Critics go to hell. Instead of criticizing others, one should rectify himself. Could you explain why not glorify? As I had read, it is important to glorify Vaisnavas. Thank you.   Answer It has to be understood what is a criticism and what’s not. What’s … Read More

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Queridos devotos y amigos, Hare Krishna Kadacha Editions, nuestra tienda en línea (con la ambicion de ser una Academia de estudio), está lista. Puedes ir y visitarla. www.kadachaeditions.com En aproximadamente una semana se enviará el primer número del Boletín Kadacha a todos los que se hayan registrado. Allí encontrará todas las explicaciones para comprender lo que queremos hacer. Los primeros números también se colocarán en las redes sociales, pero la única garantía que tiene de recibirlo será con este registro. … Read More

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Dear devotees and friends, Hare Krishna. Kadacha Editions, our online store, is ready. You can go and visit it. www.kadachaeditions.com In about a week, the first issue of the Kadacha Newsletter will be sent to all those who have registered. There you will find all the explanations to understand what we want to do. The first numbers will also be placed on social media, but the only guarantee you have of receiving it will be with this registration. If you … Read More

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