La forma espiritual se evoluciona?

Pregunta ¿Si uno asciende al mundo espiritual y toma una forma no humana ya sea animal o vegetal esa forma la tiene uno ahí eternamente o va evolucionando hasta tomar una forma humana?     Respuesta Si uno asciende al mundo espiritual significa que su cuerpo espiritual, gracias a la practica de … Read More

Saksi Gopala

Saksi Gopala King Vajra was the son of Aniruddha. So he was the great grandson of Lord Krishna. Vajra had 16 Deities of Krishna and other gods carved from a rare, imperishable stone called Braja and built temples to house these Srimurtis in and around Mathura so as to feel the presence … Read More

My literary projects, an answer to questions.

My literary projects, an answer to questions.   I was little more than a child, and while most of my peers barely knew how to write a few sentences I already used to write fluently. It was a passion I was born with. Over time I wrote numerous articles and books. Some … Read More

Should We Offer a Peacock Feather on Lord Caitanya?

The is a video by Jananivasa Prabhu saying that Srila Prabhupada authorized Lord Caitanya wearing peacock feathers. In case Srila Prabhupada actually said so, then the controversy, as far as I am concerned, ends here. However in the past I remember somebody bringing evidences on the contrary. Of course we all know … Read More

Why different sampradayas (or parampara) and why they do not mix?

Question Hare Krsna! Maharaj. Accept my humble and respectful obediences, all glories to Srila Prabhupad! 🙏 Let me ask you another question! Let’s talk about relationships between devotees! 1-Why then are there different sampradayas or different spiritual lineages? 2- Why those sampradayas do not mix one with another? Your servant: Mukunda madhava … Read More

What the word Gayatri means?

…What the word Gayatri means? ………. Briefly, Gayatri is the feminine of Gayatra. Gaya comes from Gi, song. Tri comes from trai, which means to rescue. Gayatri therefore is the transcendental song for liberation from the material world. In the future I’ll write a comprehensive article on Gayatri and Gayatri Mantra.   … Read More

Why would Krishna not give mercy to someone struggling in bhakti-yoga?

QUESTION I don’t mean anything extravagant, but at least whatever is enough to feel happy with the process and hopeful about pleasing Kṛṣṇa.   ANSWER Krishna gives mercy to everyone, devotees or non devotees. In general, most people have a difficult time to understand, recognize and accept what mercy is. Non devotees … Read More

¿Por qué 16 rondas de japamala y no otro número?

¿Por qué 16 rondas de japamala y no otro número?   PREGUNTA Manonatha Maharaj, por favor acepta mis humildes reverencias. ¿Cuál es el significado del número 16? ¿Por qué se nos instruye a cantar 16 rondas de Japamala y no algún otro número? B. Divya   RESPONDER Querido Bhaktin Divya, Por favor … Read More

The result of offenses is sent by the demigods or by Krishna?

Question Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja. I have a doubt. The result of offenses in the Holy Dham, temple or within the altar is sent by the demigods or is Krishna himself sending the payment of karma to the person?   Answer Dear Madhavendra Puri, Please receive my blessings. All glories to Srila … Read More

Why 16 rounds and not another number?

Why 16 rounds of japamala and not another number?   QUESTION Manonatha Maharaj, please accept my humble obeisances. What is the significance of the number 16? Why are we instructed to chant 16 rounds of Japamala and not some other number? B. Divya   ANSWER Dear Bhaktin Divya, Please receive my blessings. … Read More

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