Should we, as devotees and aspiring devotees, be in fighting for social justice?

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Question Hare Krishna, Manonatha Maharaja. Please accept the obeisances of your humble servant. All of the glory is for Srila Prabhupada. I would like to ask you what would be the best approach to current events in Puerto Rico, according to the Vaisnava philosophy. How involved should we, as devotees and aspiring … Read More

Como debemos ver las calamidades?

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Pregunta Acepte mis más humildes reverencias, toda gloria a Srila Prabhupada, su Gracia, una pregunta, debemos los devotos y las personas ver las calamidades como las enfermedades, desastres naturales y muertes como parte de una prueba de Dios o como los resultados de acciones pasadas o actuales a las que debemos estar … Read More

Meaning of the word abhyasa; and smaranam

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Question The word abhyasa has some relation with the word Smaranam? Another question : could smaranam be higher than Sravanam Kirtan?   Answer Briefly: In sanskrit the word abhyasa means practice, exercise, repetition. Abhyasa-yoga therefore means the practice of the discipline of yoga in particular those practices involving repetitions. For instance japa, … Read More

What is the difference between Viveka and Buddhi Yoga?

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  Question What is the difference between Viveka and Buddhi Yoga?   Answer I’ll write a more detailed dissertation on the term viveka, it’s various meanings and the relationship with Buddhi Yoga in my next book. For now briefly: Viveka means analisys or discrimination and buddhi means intelligence. Therefore viveka is one … Read More

Live Books, updates and collaborations

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***, from Facebook Hare Krishna dear Guru Maharaj, I found very interesting what you told me about Live Books, I think it’s great, the best way to use new technologies wisely. If you want to keep me up to date or better, if I can do something I would be very pleased. … Read More

Libri Vivi, aggiornamenti e collaborazioni

***, da Facebook Hare Krishna caro Guru Maharaj, ho trovato interessantissimo quello che mi hai detto circa Libri vivi, mi sembra grandioso, il miglior sistema per utilizzare le nuove tecnologie in maniera saggia. Se ti va tienimi aggiornato o meglio, se posso fare qualcosa mi farebbe molto piacere. A presto, Haribol   … Read More

Caturmasya y los fantasmas de lo que eran

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Pregunta Hare Krishna GuruMaharaja. Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias. Todas las glorias a SrilaPrabhupada!! Le quiero preguntar que Srila Prabhupada instruyo o ordeno sobre los meses de Charturmasya, ya que comienza el primero ahora sobre ayuno de hojas verdes, etc. Pero en los templos de Iskcon generalmente no se lleva. Gracias … Read More

On the old forums

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Dear Govinda, Hare Krishna. Excuse the delay with which I answer you. Generally I answer in a couple of days, but it’s a pretty intense period.   Over the years there have been several devotees who have copied and archived all that was written and published. In theory then it should be … Read More

Sui vecchi Forum

Caro Govinda, Hare Krishna. Scusa il ritardo con cui ti rispondo. In genere rispondo in un paio di giorni, ma e’ un periodo piuttosto intenso.   Durante gli anni si sono succeduti vari devoti che hanno copiato e archiviato tutto cio’ che e’ stato scritto e pubblicato. In teoria quindi dovrebbe essere … Read More

Do the devotees believe in astrology?

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Dear Bhakta Jomi, Please receive my blessings. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.   In the Chandogya Upanisad Narada Muni gives Sanat Kumara a list of Vedic sciences, and astrology is one of them. It’s name is Naksatra Vidya and it refers to both astrology and astronomy. No one can be an astrologer … Read More

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