On the practice of Japamala

Questions Hare Krishna Prabhu. Please accept my most humble and sincere obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. A question about the recital of the Maha Mantra. I chant it when I have time and often not in optimal conditions keeping in mind the number of recited Mantra. Most of the time I … Read More

Sul canto del japamala

Domande Hare Krishna Prabhu. Ti prego di accettare i miei più umili e sinceri omaggi. Tutte le glorie a Srila Prabhupada. Una domanda in merito alla recita del Maha Mantra. Io lo recito quando ho tempo e, spesso, non in condizioni ottimali tenendo a mente il numero dei Mantra recitati. Il più … Read More

One should neither praise nor criticize the conditioned nature and activities of other persons

The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: One should neither praise nor criticize the conditioned nature and activities of other persons. Rather, one should see this world as simply the combination of material nature and the enjoying souls, all based on the one Absolute Truth. Srimad Bhagavatam (11.28.1-2) We find this instruction of … Read More

More difficult than controlling the wind

Question In the gita Arjuna tells Krsna that controlling the mind is more difficult than controlling the wind. If intelligence is more subtle, is not then even more difficult to control?   Answer We know that Pradhana (the initial indifferentiated and unmanifested material nature) is composed of 24 elements (see Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.26, … Read More


I received a few questions about this topic and I’d like to share them with you. I have been asked, why are you working on a Maha-bharata edition when there are already good Maha-bharata on sale? The first answer is that I am giving the full Maha-bharata, probably in 10 volumes, and … Read More

Algunas etiquettas

Ambas la respuesta y la actitud de Maharaja es corecta. Entre hermanos no se envian bendiciones porque esto presupone una superioridad. Hermanos son hermanos, es decir iguales. En este caso el dijo de ser inferior a mi cuando obviamente no es asi. El estube ensenando humildad, que es una cualidad importate para … Read More

Where are the original manuscripts of Vyasadeva?

Where are the original manuscripts of Vyasadeva?   Dear Antonio and Marcelo, Hare Krishna. I have a particular liking for the questions no one has ever done to me and after so many years of studying and preaching Krishna consciousness it is not easy for these to come. This is definitely one … Read More

Devotos iniciados deberian seguir usando su nombre material?

PREGUNTA [18:46, 12/13/2018] Yatindra RD: acepte mis más.humildes y respetuosas reverencias.y todas las.gloria de.sirila prabhupada sean.con usted. Quiero hacerle una pregunta.y es la siguiente es correcto que un devoto.iniciado siga.dando.su nombre.civil.a las personas en vede el nombre. su nombre.espíritual. [18:47, 12/13/2018] Yatindra RD: Muy atentamente yatindra.krishna.caitanya.   RESPUESTA Estimado Yatindra Krishna Caitanya … Read More


Now that the day of my 63rd birthday has passed, I would like to thank all those who spent kind words for me. On Facebook, I mainly received happy birthdays, but in private I received many words of appreciation from friends, devotees and disciples. It is obvious that none of those words … Read More

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