Some etiquettes on addressing devotees

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Excerpt of a private letter … About your use of the term “devotee”, like “el devoto Krishnadas” etc., it’s not an appropiate way to address devotees, although I know that in Puerto … Read More


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Sakty-avesa-avatara Question Haré krishna maharaj Mis obeisances Can you explain saktyavesa avatar Can Lord Brahma and siva be in this category?   Answer The word avesa means “entering into”. When a particular … Read More

Rage, the path to hell

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QUESTION: Dear Guru Maharaja, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to You and S.P. Unfortunately I was rude to a woman at the store today . I feel bad about it … Read More

The attraction to Krishna Consciousness

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Excerpt from a private email: The attraction to Krishna Consciousness and all the things that are part of it (such as the Sridhama, the Vaisnavas, the Holy Name etc.) is natural for … Read More

L’attrazione alla Coscienza di Krishna

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L’attrazione alla Coscienza di Krishna e a tutte le cose che ne sono parte (come lo Sridhama, i Vaisnava, il Santo Nome eccetera) e’ naturale per l’anima spirituale. Lo e’ perche’ siamo … Read More

La atracción por la Conciencia de Krishna

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Extracto de un correo electrónico privado: y todas las cosas que forman parte de ella (como el Sridhama, los Vaisnavas, el Santo Nombre, etc.) es natural para el alma espiritual. Es así … Read More


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The largest Gaudiya Vaisnava Archive on the Internet. Anyone with an interest in Krishna’s stories and philosophy should register. At present it has about 150 thousand written, audio and video documents … Read More

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