The present status on my work on the MAHA-BHARATA (in English).

The present status on my work on the MAHA-BHARATA (in English). Some devotees have asked me about the present status of my work on the Maha-bharata. At the moment I find myself at about 60% of Adi Parva, which is a big books by itself. It is consists of 227 sections and … Read More

El estado actual de mi trabajo en el MAHA-BHARATA (en inglés).

El estado actual de mi trabajo en el MAHA-BHARATA (en inglés). Algunos devotos me han preguntado sobre el estado actual de mi trabajo en el Maha-bharata. En este momento me encuentro en aproximadamente al 60% de Adi Parva, que es un gran libro por sí mismo. Se compone de 227 secciones y … Read More

Who are the Mahajanas?

The Mahajanas are twelve particularly powerful personalities enpowered by the Lord to spread transcendental knowledge and devotion. Literally mahajana means “great person”. Srimad-Bhagavatam say they are: 1. Lord Brahma, 2. Shiva, 3. Narada, 4. the four Kumaras, 5. Kapila, 6. Prahlada Maharaja, 7. Svayambhuva Manu, 8. Janaka, 9. Bali Maharaja, 10. Bhishma, … Read More

Radharani’s parrots chanting

Parrots chanting Today there has been a big meeting of saris (Radharani’s parrots) in Radha Tila, hundreds of them, just below my asrama. It has been many years I did not see so many in this place. Unfortunately buildings have chased away not only peackock but birds also. Maybe ten years ago … Read More

Questions and answers, how important is

Arjuna is confused and when he understands that it is useless to continue in a conversation between friends but that he has to ask questions (sisyas te ham sadhi mam tvam prapannam) the result is the Bhagavad-gita, a book that has benefited countless people for millennia. The same is the conversation between … Read More

Preguntas y respuestas, lo importante que es.

Arjuna está confundido y cuando entiende que es inútil continuar en una conversación entre amigos pero que tiene que hacer preguntas (sisyas te ham sadhi mam tvam prapannam) el resultado es el Bhagavad-gita, un libro que ha beneficiado a innumerables personas durante milenios. Lo mismo es la conversación entre Sukadeva Gosvami y … Read More

Domande e risposte, quanto è importante

Arjuna è confuso e quando capisce che è inutile continuare in una conversazione tra pari ma che deve fare domande (sisyas te ham sadhi mam tvam prapannam) il risultato è la Bhagavad-gita, un libro che ha beneficiato innumerevoli persone per millenni. La stessa è la conversazione tra Sukadeva Gosvami e Maharaja Pariksit … Read More

About Bhishmadeva

About Bhishmadeva Since in these days we have been talking a lot about Bhismadeva, I prepared some biography of this great personality in divided into 66 pages and various chapters including: Genealogy (Bhismadeva is the 48th descendent from Brahma) How he took birth in human society His young age How he came … Read More

Acerca de Bhishmadeva

Acerca de Bhishmadeva Como en estos días hemos estado hablando mucho sobre Bhismadeva, preparé una biografía de esta gran personalidad en dividido en 66 páginas y varios capítulos incluyendo: Genealogía (Bhismadeva es el 48º descendiente de Brahma) Cómo nació en la sociedad humana. Su joventud Cómo llegó a ser llamado Bhishma. Problemas … Read More

Clarifications on Bhishma Pancaka

Question I would like to ask you if you have any information about when Bhismadeva did this 5-day fasting (Bhisma Panchaka) and what benefits he had when he did that penance.   Answer Bhishma Pancaka, as well as many of the historical and philosophical themes of the Vedic / Vaishnava tradition, would … Read More

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