A drop from the ocean of the science of rasa

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I am publishing this short paragraph from the Jaiva Dharma, a book written by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, just to show how deep and wonderful is the science of rasa, the psycology of the liberated entities living in the spiritual world. I am aware that some of you will not understand much of what you read below, but at least you can realize how exiting is to study Krishna consciousness.   And so: “There are four ingredients of rasa: vibhava, anubhava, … Read More

Gay Pride en Conciencia de Krishna?

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Question Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja, ortorgeme su bendición e instruyame en el camino devocional hoy y siempre. Su santidad, mañana se celebra el día del orgullo GLTBI 2019 o GayPride, en tal sentido, puede un devoto o podemos los devotos decirles que tengan un feliz Pride pero en Conciencia de Krishna? Esto va en contra de nuestro movimiento? Que evidencias podemos encontrar en los Sastras que nos arrojen luz en este tema? Le escribe su devoto y bien queriente Bhakta … Read More

Levels of authority

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Dear Vaisnavas, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.   Few days ago I received a request to answer two questions: 1) Do we have to first take birth in a Krishna-lila in order to go back to the spiritual world? 2) In a material body is it possible to experimenting prema? My answer was quite short, certainly it would have deserved much more space.   The same day a devotee sent me a page of a … Read More

It’s possible to experiment prema in this world?

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Dear Mataji Paramesvari, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.   That one has to take birth in one of Krishna’s pastimes as a condition to go back to the spiritual world is one of the many concepts I heard in my youth but that never found hard evidences in Guru, Sastra, Sadhu, our final authorities. In the early times that was a joke in our movement that we could write a book about the things that … Read More

On your second initiation

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Dear *** , Please receive my blessings. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.   About your second initiation … … I agree and at the same time I do not agree with the thesis that the second initiation is not necessary and that one can stay alone with the first his entire life. All devotees should have the objective of becoming Brahmanas and taking second initiation.   On one hand Srila Jiva Gosvami argues that nama-diksa (initiation to the holy name … Read More

Variety of bodies

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Question … should I understand that the transcendental body of Krishna could be in some physical instance similar to mine at this time? How should I understand that it is the body of Lord Krishna in his original world?   Answer In the creation there is a great variety of bodies. We know some of them and classify them as minerals, vegetables, animals and humans. In the material world there is a great difference between these, both in form and … Read More

La variedad de cuerpos

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Pregunta Haré krishna Mis reverencias afectos y respetos para usted su santidad. Perdone mi ignorancia Gurú Maharaha, podría usted ayudarme a comprender si nos encontramos en este mundo material hechos a imagen y semejanza del Sr Krishna, debería yo comprender que el cuerpo trascendental del Sr podría ser en alguna instancia físico parecido al mío en este momento. Como debería comprender que es el cuerpo del Sr Dios krishna en su mundo original.   Respuesta En la creacion existe una … Read More

Guru Tattva Dipika, the book

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GURU TATTVA DIPIKA, the book that answers all your questions on the topic of the Guru, the spiritual master.     June 23, 2019 The book Guru Tattva Dipika will be available in three version: In paper on Amazon, and In electronic format – on Amazon and – in PDF format directly with us simply by emailing us. In Live Book format. The idea of the Live Books is that it will continue to be forever updated as our researches on … Read More

The Vedic codes

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Dear Govinda, Hare Krishna Sanskrit is a language created to express philosophical concepts often in coded form. In fact, if you read books like the Caturveda, the Brahma Sutra or even the Yoga Sutra this concept is understood. One can understand, translate and explain a sanskrit vedic philosophical text only if he is an expert in all the various levels of contextualization. Tat tu samanvayat (Vedanta Sutra 1.1.4) Contextualization is fundamental for anyone who takes Vedic knowledge as a serious … Read More

I codici vedici

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Caro Govinda, Hare Krishna Il sanskrito e’ una lingua creata per esprimere concetti filosofici spesso in forma codificata. Infatti se si leggono libri come il Caturveda, il Brahma Sutra o anche lo Yoga Sutra questo concetto si capisce. Uno puo’ capire, tradurre e spiegare un testo filosofico solo se e’ un esperto in tutti i vari livelli di contestualizzazione. Tat tu samanvayat (Vedanta Sutra 1.1.4) La contestualizzazione e’ fondamentale per chiunque prenda la conoscenza vedica come una cosa seria e … Read More

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