How Krishna was tall while Yasoda was tying him to the mortar stone.

Answer: I have never read or listened to how Krishna was tall while Yasoda was tying him to the mortar stone. Someone claims that Krishna was about 4 and a half meters tall when he reached adolescence, while the Pandavas were more than 6 meters high. As for the mortar stone we … Read More

Visnu in a human form?

Question Krishna and Ramacandra appeared in bodies similar to humans e lived as such, while Vishnu no. Are there expansions of Vishnu in human form who came to earth?   Answer Except for the four arms, Sri Visnu is very similar to the human form. Visnu expansions are limitless, some have the … Read More

News in Isvara Archive

From today you will find on Isvara Archive news about our preaching activities, mine or devotees who collaborate with our projects. You also can collaborate with Isvara Archive. There are so many things to do. Just offer your service. You could begin simply send us documents, in written format, pictures, audio or … Read More

Some etiquettes on addressing devotees

Excerpt of a private letter … About your use of the term “devotee”, like “el devoto Krishnadas” etc., it’s not an appropiate way to address devotees, although I know that in Puerto Rico is normally used. To men devotees it has to be used the word “Prabhu” after the name and Mataji … Read More


Sakty-avesa-avatara Question Haré krishna maharaj Mis obeisances Can you explain saktyavesa avatar Can Lord Brahma and siva be in this category?   Answer The word avesa means “entering into”. When a particular divine energy (sakti) enter into a living entity for a specific task, he comes to be called Sakti-avesa-avatara, that for … Read More

The attraction to Krishna Consciousness

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Excerpt from a private email: The attraction to Krishna Consciousness and all the things that are part of it (such as the Sridhama, the Vaisnavas, the Holy Name etc.) is natural for the spiritual soul. It is so because we are made of the same nature. As an eagle is attracted to … Read More


The largest Gaudiya Vaisnava Archive on the Internet. Anyone with an interest in Krishna’s stories and philosophy should register. At present it has about 150 thousand written, audio and video documents and every day it increases. On our blog you will find daily announcements and new documents.   Hare Krishna – … Read More

About service to the Deities

About the Deities, installation is another thing. You should not install Them because if you do that then you are obliged to a certain standard and timings. But I am sure you didn’t mean that. There are many details, like cleanliness of the altar and of your person when you offer something. … Read More

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