One example of wrong translation of Sastras (holy books)

Yesterday during Bhagavatam class we were talking about our version of the Maha-bharata under work and how non-devotees scholars translate Vedic books making many serious philosophical and historical mistakes.   This is one I just corrected.   In the Adi Parva, Pausya Parva, Adhyaya 3 verse 148 there is the word jagadesvara … Read More

The Sanatsujatiya

Answer to a question   The Sanatsujatiya is a deep philosophical treatise included in the Maha-bharata. It was spoken by sage Sanat Sujata to Dhritarastra. Part of the Udyoga Parva (the fifth of 18 books), it is a Parva by itself called Sanatsujata Parva. It goes from Adhyaya 41 to Adhyaya 46. … Read More

The bombs of Sri Lanka and the Vedic warriors

Question Haribol, Guru Maharaja, grant me your blessings and be at your lotus feet, Maharaja, reading the meaning of verse 31 of chapter 2 of the Bhagavata Gita, says that “sometimes religious violence is a necessary factor” With this point it would not be to validate what happened today in Sri Lanka … Read More

Answers to some questions: a brief outline of how to act.

Answers to some questions:   – It is not true that we must be detached from acting. On the contrary, we must act because it is the nature of the soul. – It is not true that we must be detached from producing good results from our actions. On the contrary we … Read More

How to transcend this material world

Question Hare Krishna Devot @ s !! Accept my respectful obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada !! Accept my most repeated obeisances, Manonatha Mahārāja!! I wanted to greet you and ask a small question … how to transcend in this material world ?; especially the doubt! For this Krishna speaks to us … Read More

Why don’t I appreciate the devotees enough?

Question: Sometimes I commit offenses to devotees because I don’t appreciate them enough. How can I learn to have more esteem for devotees, to be inclined to serve them and treat them properly?   Answer: In reality this question was not asked of me but I found it in a publication called … Read More

The difference between Pradhana, Prakriti and Mahat-tattva

  “… The combination of the three modes, which are eternal and unmanifested, is the cause of the manifested state, and is called Pradhana …” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.26.10) In the commentary to the verse Srila Prabhupada says: “… Pradhana is the subtle, undifferentiated total sum of all material elements …” Pradhana is therefore … Read More

How many dimensions in total do the Vedas say exist?

Question Jay Thank you Guru Maharaja, I wanted to ask you; How many dimensions in total do the Vedas say exist? On the other hand, I thought that in another dimension is the same planet but with another different content, does the size of the planet or moon vary in another dimension? … Read More

What the word “dimension” means? There are four dimensions?

Answer to a question: There are various definitions of the word dimension. Depending on which we want to talk about, the meaning changes a lot. For example in Caitanya Caritamrita Adi-lila 2.53 Srila Prabhupada describes three entities, which are virat (material energy), hiranyagarbha (the origin of souls) and karana (causal nature) and … Read More

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