Why Krishna had thousand of wives?

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Question Why Krishna had thousand of wives?   Answer To understand this and other similar points we have to understand how is the spiritual world, how the Supreme Personality of Godhead lives and thinks. Once we hear it from the greates authorities, like Guru, Sastra and Sadhu, we get an amazing picture, … Read More

I can kill because it’s his karma to be killed by me

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Question Hare Krishna Maharaja Obeisances AgtSP. The other day a devotee commented that the situation cow of the Slaughters is very sad but that it is only “karma”. The person who kills the cow now will be cow and will be killed. Although I have previously heard that when one kills an … Read More

News about our bookstore

Our bookstore is not far from being ready. It will open in a few weeks. It will start with – 22 books in paper and Kindle that you buy directly on Amazon, – 7 completed Live Books (we’ll explain even better the concept of Live Books) and – 4 “growing-up books”, like … Read More

Should we, as devotees and aspiring devotees, be in fighting for social justice?

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Question Hare Krishna, Manonatha Maharaja. Please accept the obeisances of your humble servant. All of the glory is for Srila Prabhupada. I would like to ask you what would be the best approach to current events in Puerto Rico, according to the Vaisnava philosophy. How involved should we, as devotees and aspiring … Read More

Meaning of the word abhyasa; and smaranam

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Question The word abhyasa has some relation with the word Smaranam? Another question : could smaranam be higher than Sravanam Kirtan?   Answer Briefly: In sanskrit the word abhyasa means practice, exercise, repetition. Abhyasa-yoga therefore means the practice of the discipline of yoga in particular those practices involving repetitions. For instance japa, … Read More

What is the difference between Viveka and Buddhi Yoga?

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  Question What is the difference between Viveka and Buddhi Yoga?   Answer I’ll write a more detailed dissertation on the term viveka, it’s various meanings and the relationship with Buddhi Yoga in my next book. For now briefly: Viveka means analisys or discrimination and buddhi means intelligence. Therefore viveka is one … Read More

Live Books, updates and collaborations

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***, from Facebook Hare Krishna dear Guru Maharaj, I found very interesting what you told me about Live Books, I think it’s great, the best way to use new technologies wisely. If you want to keep me up to date or better, if I can do something I would be very pleased. … Read More

On the old forums

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Dear Govinda, Hare Krishna. Excuse the delay with which I answer you. Generally I answer in a couple of days, but it’s a pretty intense period.   Over the years there have been several devotees who have copied and archived all that was written and published. In theory then it should be … Read More

Do the devotees believe in astrology?

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Dear Bhakta Jomi, Please receive my blessings. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.   In the Chandogya Upanisad Narada Muni gives Sanat Kumara a list of Vedic sciences, and astrology is one of them. It’s name is Naksatra Vidya and it refers to both astrology and astronomy. No one can be an astrologer … Read More

Bhakti increases in its own way

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Questions What “Bhakti increases in its own way” and “its own independent sweet will” mean?   Answers An analogy can help us to understand better the concept that “Bhakti increases in its own way”. If you ignite a fire in a forest, it may burn down even the whole forest. You did … Read More

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