Why do I need a Diksa Guru if I can have many Siksa Gurus?

Question Why do I need a Diksa Guru if I have so many Siksa and also I have Srila Prabhupad who can instruct me?   Answer The mechanism of diksa works this way: a disciple asks “please accept me” and a Guru says “yes”, if he so wants. Without a “yes” you … Read More

Answering the question, why a lady devotee should tie her hair.

The Krishna consciousness movement represents a milenary culture. During the time, numerous cultural aspects have been forming. Some of them are primary, some other are secondary. It’d interesting to understand which one is part of a category and which one is in the other.   Women keep their hair loose and nicely … Read More

The destiny of someone who abandons his spiritual master – and reinitiating

Question Maharaja, could you please clarify few extra points: what are the ramifications for someone, who abandons his or her Guru in good standing and gets reinitiated by someone else? (For example I heard, that a devotee who abandones his Guru is going to take birth as a worm in his next … Read More

Various questions on initiation

  Questions Hare Krishna, Maharaja! Please except my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Could you please give an answer to the following question, or rather a few related questions? These questions came up on Russian devotees forum. 1. Is reinitiation acceptable? If so, in what circumstances. 2. Is there such … Read More

Why sometimes we fast in Dvadasi and not in Ekadasi

Mahadvadasi Sometimes, due to the manner in which the ekadasi tithi and the dvadasi tithis are positioned in relation to the sunrise (there are eight different cases), the vrata is observed on the dvadasi and the fast is broken the next day, the trayodasi. Such a fast day is called a Mahadvadasi, … Read More

Should we pay for learning Krishna consciousness?

Question Maharaja sorry but I was not clear. Finally. What is the conclusion? Is it good that they charge or not? Because all bhaktivedanta schools have tuition fees. Same Bhakti sastri and pada padma of vrindavan. Then should they not set quotas?   Answer Dear Mataji, I’d like that things were always … Read More

Guru Tattva, some points

What is diksa (initiation)? Srila Jiva Gosvami explains diksa in his Bhakti-sandarbha (283): divyaṁ jñānaṁ yato dadyāt kuryāt pāpasya saṅkṣayam tasmāt dīkṣeti sā proktā deśikais tattva-kovidaiḥ “Dīkṣā is the process by which one can awaken his transcendental knowledge and vanquish all reactions caused by sinful activity. A person expert in the study … Read More

Who is to blame? – and about upadhis

Dear Bhakta ***, Hare Krishna. To understand the answer to your question it’s necessary that we understand how we came to be what we are and why we have difficulty to deal with certain kinds of problems.   Brahmanda-bhramite, we (the jivas) wander aimlessly in the material world for a very long … Read More

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