Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.1.31

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ŚB 2.1.31

छन्दांस्यनन्तस्य शिरो गृणन्ति
दंष्ट्रा यम: स्‍नेहकला द्विजानि ।
हासो जनोन्मादकरी च माया
दुरन्तसर्गो यदपाङ्गमोक्ष: ॥ ३१ ॥
chandāṁsy anantasya śiro gṛṇanti
daṁṣṭrā yamaḥ sneha-kalā dvijāni
hāso janonmāda-karī ca māyā
duranta-sargo yad-apāṅga-mokṣaḥ


chandāṁsi — the Vedic hymns; anantasya — of the Supreme; śiraḥ — the cerebral passage; gṛṇanti — they say; daṁṣṭrāḥ— the jaws of teeth; yamaḥ — Yamarāja, the director of sinners; snehakalāḥ — the art of affection; dvijāni — the set of teeth; hāsaḥ — smile; janaunmādakarī — the most alluring; ca — also; māyā — illusory energy; duranta — unsurpassable; sargaḥ — the material creation; yatapāṅga — whose glance; mokṣaḥ — casting over.


They say that the Vedic hymns are the cerebral passage of the Lord, and His jaws of teeth are Yama, god of death, who punishes the sinners. The art of affection is His set of teeth, and the most alluring illusory material energy is His smile. This great ocean of material creation is but the casting of His glance over us.


According to Vedic assertion, this material creation is the result of the Lord’s casting a glance over the material energy, which is described herein as the most alluring illusory energy. The conditioned souls who are allured by such materialism should know that the material temporary creation is simply an imitation of the reality and that those who are captivated by such alluring glances of the Lord are put under the direction of the controller of sinners called Yamarāja. The Lord smiles affectionately, displaying His teeth. The intelligent person who can grasp these truths about the Lord becomes a soul fully surrendered unto Him.

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