Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.8.16

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ŚB 1.8.16

मा मंस्था ह्येतदाश्चर्यं सर्वाश्चर्यमयेऽच्युते ।
य इदं मायया देव्या सृजत्यवति हन्त्यज: ॥ १६ ॥
mā maṁsthā hy etad āścaryaṁ
sarvāścaryamaye ’cyute
ya idaṁ māyayā devyā
sṛjaty avati hanty ajaḥ


— do not; maṁsthāḥ — think; hi — certainly; etat — all these; āścaryam — wonderful; sarva — all; āścaryamaye — in the all-mysterious; acyute — the infallible; yaḥ — one who; idam — this (creation); māyayā — by His energy; devyā — transcendental; sṛjati — creates; avati — maintains; hanti — annihilates; ajaḥ — unborn.


O brāhmaṇas, do not think this to be especially wonderful in the activities of the mysterious and infallible Personality of Godhead. By His own transcendental energy He creates, maintains and annihilates all material things, although He Himself is unborn.


The activities of the Lord are always inconceivable to the tiny brain of the living entities. Nothing is impossible for the Supreme Lord, but all His actions are wonderful for us, and thus He is always beyond the range of our conceivable limits. The Lord is the all-powerful, all-perfect Personality of Godhead. The Lord is cent-percent perfect, whereas others, namely Nārāyaṇa, Brahmā, Śiva, the demigods and all other living beings, possess only different percentages of such perfection. No one is equal to or greater than Him. He is unrivaled.

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