Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.17.32. tvāṁ vartamānaṁ nara-deva-deheṣv

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#SB 1.17.32

त्वां वर्तमानं नरदेवदेहे-
ष्वनुप्रवृत्तोऽयमधर्मपूग: ।
लोभोऽनृतं चौर्यमनार्यमंहो
ज्येष्ठा च माया कलहश्च दम्भ: ॥ ३२ ॥
tvāṁ vartamānaṁ nara-deva-deheṣv
anupravṛtto ’yam adharma-pūgaḥ
lobho ’nṛtaṁ cauryam anāryam aṁho
jyeṣṭhā ca māyā kalahaś ca dambhaḥ


tvām — you; vartamānam — while present; naradeva — a man-god, or a king; deheṣu — in the body; anupravṛttaḥ — taking place everywhere; ayam — all these; adharma — irreligious principles; pūgaḥ — in the masses; lobhaḥ — greed; anṛtam — falsity; cauryam — robbery; anāryam — incivility; aṁhaḥ — treachery; jyeṣṭhā — misfortune; ca — and; māyā— cheating; kalahaḥ — quarrel; ca — and; dambhaḥ — vanity.


If the personality of Kali, irreligion, is allowed to act as a man-god or an executive head, certainly irreligious principles like greed, falsehood, robbery, incivility, treachery, misfortune, cheating, quarrel and vanity will abound.


The principles of religion, namely austerity, cleanliness, mercy and truthfulness, as we have already discussed, may be followed by the follower of any faith. There is no need to turn from Hindu to Mohammedan to Christian or some other faith and thus become a renegade and not follow the principles of religion. The Bhāgavatam religion urges following the principles of religion. The principles of religion are not the dogmas or regulative principles of a certain faith. Such regulative principles may be different in terms of the time and place concerned. One has to see whether the aims of religion have been achieved. Sticking to the dogmas and formulas without attaining the real principles is not good. A secular state may be impartial to any particular type of faith, but the state cannot be indifferent to the principles of religion as above mentioned. But in the Age of Kali, the executive heads of state will be indifferent to such religious principles, and therefore under their patronage the opponents of religious principles, such as greed, falsehood, cheating and pilfery, will naturally follow, and so there will be no meaning to propaganda crying to stop corruption in the state.

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