Sri Radha-Madhava Elephant Procession

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Saturdays around 5:00 pm in Mayapur… Magical moments of Sri Radha-Madhava Elephant Procession.

Mystical sounds could be heard by every single living entity anywhere near ISKCON Mayapur campus. Very intense thundering of large drums beating to the rhythm of two elephant’s hearts, was the best way to bring back to mind some very sweet pastimes of our dear Lord Krsna in Dwarka.
Every Saturday evening, Sri Radha Madhava leave their altar carried by one of our leading Pujari, HG Jananivas prabhu and are reverently placed on our dear elephants Vishnupriya. Her associate the little elephant Laxmipriya also joins the procession.

Two devotees beautifully decorated, have the service of carrying their Lordship on elephants along with some devotees around the Mayapur campus. The fire lanterns being the only source of light during the procession, create a fascinating and kind of mysterious atmosphere which bring everyone to an enchanted mood. The roads are so colorful and beautifully decorated with breath taking Rangoli designs, it is hard to walk without stopping to take a longer look, but we have to follow the procession with hundreds, if not thousands of devotees and pilgrims chanting and dancing with raised arms.
In front of the procession, there is procession of Sri Gaura –Nitai deities from Bhajan kutir in bullock cart.
The amazing kirtan & mantra chants by Gurukul boys made everyone’s heart melt and voices merged into a one unison sound. All of us present could feel how once again, these pastimes performed by the Mayapur devotees are incredibly powerful and help so much to bring everyone into a good spiritual mood. Krsna consciousness is serious business but, Oh my God… How fun and heart cleansing it can be. So every Saturday evening, we can all really do what Srila Prabhupada said “ Just chant and be happy!”
Hari Haribol !

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