Slight Limp by Bhaktimarga Swami

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People are noticing a slight limp in my walk.  It’s been there for a little while now.  I would attribute this imperfection in my movement to the long distances of walking on roads where the shoulders slant.  At least one Oriental chiropractic therapist in Toronto told me to make a deliberate straight thrust forward with both the right and the left legs.  I know that he is correct, that I must simply de-program myself from the very conditioning my body has gone through to create this tilt in my step.  It will take will to correct the wrong.  Some prayers would help.
Now, my day was crazy, with twelve hours of a combination of car rides, plane flights and office sitting.  My destiny today took me to Pretoria, the nation’s capital, for paperwork and sorting out a new passport.  I often joke with mybhakti-yoga colleagues in life—a passport and a purport.
The trip was exasperating, but when I returned to Durban and the temple to dive into our rehearsals, I felt all anxiety, all tightness, get lifted.  It is such a pleasure to work with the youth on the production, “Grandsire.”  I don’t have a lot of professionalism amongst the group, but they are sincere, and they really want to learn, and that is very comforting to me.…
After a time, twice at the High Commission for Canada, a passport photo place, a trip to the police station for an affidavit, two airports, and many air rides before, in between and after, I feel calm, calm, calm.
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