Sesa (Shesha) – Ananta

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Sesa (Shesha) – Ananta

(i) Ananta is the reposing bed of Visnu. It is this Ananta who dislodged Mandara mountain at the time of Ksirabdhi mathana (churning of the ocean of milk) (M.B. fldi Parva, Chapter 18, Verse 8).

(ii) Ananta, is the noblest of the nagas. (M.B, Adi Parva, Chapter 35, Verse 2) .

( iii) When there were mutual dissensions among the nagas, Ananta visited holy places such as Puskara. (M.B. Adi Parva, Chapter 36, Verse 3) .

(iv) Ananta obtained from Brahma the boon to be able to stand firmly on Dharma. (M.B. Adi Parva, Chapter 36, Verse 17).

(v) Ananta carries and supports the earth at the behest of Brahma. ( M.B. Adi Parva, Chapter 36, Verse 18) .

(vi) Ananta’s father is Kasyapa and his mother is Kadru. (M.B. Adi Parva, Chapter 65, Verse 41 ).

(vii) Balabhadra Rama was born from a portion of Ananta. (M.B. Adi Parva, Chapter 67, Verse 152).

( viii) At the time of Tripuradahana, Ananta served as the axle of diva’s chariot. (M.B. Drona Parva, Chapter 202, Verse 72 ).



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