Sakhi Vana and Sakhi Sthali (Sakhikhara)

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#Sakhi Vana and #Sakhi Sthali (Sakhikhara)

This is the place of Chandravali. This place is where she used to meet Krishna. There is a run-down kunda here on the left hand side of the parikranta path. This kunda is called Sakhi Kunda. It is said to have been created by the 64 sakhis (girlfriends) of Chandravali. Chandravali is the transcendental competitor of Srimati Radharani for the attention of Krishna.


At this place Candravali lived with her husband, Govardhana Malla, who was a close friend of Abhimanyu. Her 64 sakhis also lived here. Krishna had pastimes with the cowherd boys at this place.


Getting there
This place is about 3/4 km (half a mile) from the town of Govardhana. Sakhi Kunda is a fairly small kunda, which looks like it has not been used for a while.


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