Radharani ‘s Appearence in Goloka

Radharani ‘s Appearence in Goloka

In Goloka Vrndavana there is a place call the rasa-mandala. On one side of the rasa-mandala there is a mountain called Satasrnga. This mountain appeared in Bhuloka as Govardhana. In Vrndavana there are nice gardens of Malati and Malika flowers. The lord of the universe, by whose mere desire everything happens, was sitting in that garden on a beautiful ratna-simhasana. He has the desire to enjoy, and as soon as this desire came to his mind, immediately from his left side appeared a very beautiful Devi.

She was decorated with valuable jewels and wore cloth purified by fire. She was dazzling like million of moon, her body the color of molten gold. She was illuminating everything with her radiance. When she smiled her teeth were very attractive. Her face defeated the beauty of the lotus flowers in autumns. She was wearing a flower garland of malati and a diamond necklace. Her bodily effulgence was brilliant like the sun in the summer season. She was sitting next to Krsna on the ratna-simhasana.

Thus, the lord appeared in two forms. From the left side of his body appeared Srimati Radharani, and right side of his body appeared Sri Krsna. When lord Sri Krsna saw Radhika, he wanted to enjoy with her. Knowing this, her form became even more beautiful. Immediately she ran to pick flowers to offer to the lotus feet of Sri Hari.

Because she appeared in the rasa-mandala and immediately ran to serve the lord by picking flowers, she is known as “Radha;” “ra” represents the rasa-mandala, and “dha” represents dhavamana, running.

Because she appeared in the rasa -mandala and was running (dhavamana) to the lord when She saw Him very enthusiastic to enjoy (ramana), her name is Radha.

Regarding the appearance of two forms from one original form of the lord, it is started in Narada-Pancaratra (2.3.21),

Dvibhujah so ‘pi goloke.

Babrama rasa-mandale.

The two-handed form of Parabrahman in the form of a young cowherd boy whose bodily color was like new clouds, was wandering in rasa-mandala in Goloka Dhama.

Only one form of isvara divided into two forms: One part appeared as a female form known as Visnu-maya, or the internal potency of Krsna; the other part remained as Himself, Vibhu-Purusa, or the male form.

He is independent and act according to his own will. Everything happens as soon as He desires.

He has a blue bodily effulgent. He is Saguna (Having transcendental qualities) and Nirguna (Without material qualities).There is no difference between Radha and Krsna. Krsna serve Radha and Radha serve Sri Krsna. Krsna is energetic and Radha is energy.

Radha-purna-sakti, Krsna-purna-saktiman

Dui vastu bheda nai, sastra paramana

By this it has been explained that Radha and Krsna are one in truth. Radha is constitutionally the energy of Krsna. She is His Svarupa-sakti or natural energy, just as heat is the natural energy of fire. One cannot separate heat from fire. In the same way one cannot separate Radha from Krsna. Energy and the energetic together is one object. There is not difference between them. In the same way Sr Sri Radha -Krsna is one and non-different truth.


Parabrahman Krsna is rasa-svarupa, made of rasa, and he desire to enjoy rasa also.

Sruti says:  sa kamayate, He desires. But ekaki sa na ramate: He cannot enjoy along.

 To enjoy through the exchange of mellows there has to be more than one. That is why, even if he is one, He has manifested in many forms from since time immemorial. (From Srimati Radharani’s book of Bhakti Purusottama Swami Maharaj)


Jay Jay Sri Raheeeeeee.

Hare Krsna.


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