Radha Krishna Guna Gao

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Now in our day, we come to the time for the honoring of the Lord’s Prasadam. You recite the Sarira avidya jal prayer. Wherein it says,

“Radha Krishna guna gao”,

“and in so doing glorify Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Radha-ramana”.


So here is another great opportunity to remember Radha Rasikendra. It says that Krishna accepts food stuffs offered to Them with Love and Devotion. Is the cook cooking with love and devotion? Probably not. Is the Pujari offering the Bhoga with love and devotion? Probably not. So how do you know you are eating Prasadam? Srila Prabhupada explains that the difference between material and spiritual is consciousness. So if you are eating the Rasagullas and rejecting the burnt chapatis, then you are only eating stool which it will become tomorrow morning.

Why? Because the eating is in the personal enjoying spirit. Ideally, the gradual progress will be to merge the plate. Salt with the sweets, fruits with the subji. And before each bite, you say a new name of the Lords of our heart; Jaya Radha Madhava! Then you take your bite. As you chew that bite, you meditate on the form of the Lords from the bottom at their lotus feet, up Their beautiful Forms to the Peacock feather on His head and the peahen feathers in Her hair. Then when you have swallowed that bite, the next one; Jaya Radha Madana Mohana! In this way you are offering each bite and remembering for Their pleasure! Thus remaining in Devotional Service which will attract Them to notice you, so you can hear that flute!


Ok, now you have been remembering Them all the way from before Mangala Arati, when you woke up to the end of the morning meal, ideally from 2:30am up to 9:30am. Eight blissfull hours of pure Krishna Consciousness! Can you imagine what your consciousness must be like by this constant remembering of Them? Can you imagine how the Divine Lordships must be pleased with you in making such an effort of love and devotion? And this is all according to Sastra, Guru and (you) Sadhu! There is no violation in the Sadhana or any kind of deviation. Now you can honestly say that you are following the most important instruction; To always remember Krishna and never forget Them. Jayaho!


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