Radha attracted to the three Krishnas

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This pastime happened in Ciksauli, Citra’s town.


The flute

Once, Srimati Radharani, the young daughter of Vrishbhanu Maharaja, was playing here with Her girlfriends when She heard the very sweet and alluring sound of Sri Krishn’s flute in the distance. She became so enchanted by that sound that She offered Her mind, body and everything to the person playing this sweet flute, and became desirous to meet Him.


The Panting

After Radharani saw an amazingly beautiful painting of Sri Krishna that Citra Sakhi had made. She forgot all else and offered Her everything to this astonishingly beautiful person.


Krishna herding the cows

At this time, Sri Krishna and the sakhas were leaving to herd the cows. Upon seeing His supremely heart-stealing threefold-bending form (tribhanga-lalita), Radha could not control Her feelings and offered Herself to this handsome young man. Meanwhile Sri Krishna wandered off into the distance to graze His cows.


One person only

Now in a state of great restlessness, Radharani began to relate what was on Her mind to Her Sakhis.

She told Lalita,

“O Sakhi, I do not want to remain alive for a moment longer. Honourable women dedicate their hearts to one man only. When a young girl is engaged to someone, she considers him to be her husband and thinks of no one else. But today, I have become attached to three men – the flute player, the young man in Citra’s painting and the beautiful young man taking the cows out to graze. My righteous conduct has been destroyed. What is the use of My remaining alive now?”

Hearing this, Lalita burst into peels of laughter and said,

“O bewildered one, there is no need for You to die. These three are not different people; they are one and the same person. The man playing the sweet flute is none other than Nanda-nandana Sri Krishna. He is also the one in the painting and the one who went cow herding, so what need is there for You to give up Your life?”


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