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Purnima (also called Poornima, Pournima, Bangla: পিূ ণম া, Sanskrit: पूिणम ा (IAST: pūrṇimā)) is the Indian and Nepali word for full moon, while in Indonesian it is known as Purnama. The day of Purnima is the day (Tithi) in each month when the full moon occurs, and marks the division in each month between the two lunar fortnights (Paksha).

A full moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon appear separated by 180°. This lunar day is the considered auspicious for new beginnings.[1] The Shukla (“bright”) Paksha is the fortnight before, and the Krishna (“dark”) Paksha is the fortnight after Purnima.

This lunar phase lasts only for a while, when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are

aligned exactly in a straight line, called a syzygy of the Sun–Earth–Moon system.

Full moon is considered the third of the four primary phases of the Moon; the other

three phases are new moon, first quarter moon, and third quarter moon. The full

moon shows 100% illumination, causes high tides, and can concur with lunar

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Purnima in 2018


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Kartik Poornima: November 28, 2012



Magha Phalguna Chaitra Vaishakha Adhik Jyeshtha Jyeshtha Ashadha Shravana Ashwin


Margashirsha [3] [4]

Purnima Date (2018)

02 January (Tuesday)
31 January (Wednesday) 01 March (Thursday)
31 March (Saturday)
30 April (Monday)
29 May (Tuesday)
28 June (Thursday)
27 July (Friday)
26 August (Sunday)
24 October (Wednesday) 23 November (Friday)
22 December (Saturday)


Paush Purnima Magha Purnima Holi
Hanuman Jayanti Buddha Purnima Adhik Vat Purnima Vat Purnima

Guru Purnima Rakhi Purnima Kojagiri Purnima Kartik Poornima Dattātreya Jayanti

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The following festivals occur on Purnima.

Kartik Poornima, is celebrated on the full moon day ofKartik of Nepali Calendar. It is also called Tripura Purnima.

Shravan Poornima, is the full moon day in the month ofShravan. This day has anumber of diferent names. Hayagriva Jayanti is also celebrated on Shravana Purnima. It is also known asNarali Purnima

Vat Purnima is celebrated on the full moon dayof the month of Jyeshta. Women pray for their husbands by tying threads around a banyan tree V( at) on this day. It honors Savitri, the legendarywife of Satyavan who escaped death for her husband’s life. It is the chosen day for worshippingYama deva

Guru Purnima, devotees ofer puja (worship) to their Guru,on a full moon day. This is well known as Vyasa Purnima (Sanskrit. यास) after the birthday of the celebrated author ofMahabharata who is declared as the guru of all in the


Sharad Purnimaor Kojagiri purnima, the Autumn Harvest Festival, on a full moon da.y

Buddha Poornima, the day of birth, enlightenment and passing away of Gautama Buddha, on a full moon d.ay

Holi/Phalgun Purnima, the Spring Festival of Colours in Hinduism/Buddhism/Jainism, the full moon day in the month of Phalgun.

Dattātreya Jayantiis celebrated on the full moon day of the month oMf argashira

Hanuman Jayantiis celebrated on the full mon of the lunar monthChaitra. However, this is celebrated on diferent days in different states. While Orissa celebrates this as Vaisakha Sankranti, Andhra Pradesh celebratesVaisakha shukla pakshadashami, Kerala celebrates it in a previous month MargashiraAmavasyacoinciding withMula Nakshatra. Chaitra Purnimais the chosen day for donation of rice to please Sri Chandra Deva, Moon god.

Shakambhari Purnimais celebrated on the full moon day of the month oPf ausha

Madhu Purnimais celebrated on the full moon dayof the month ofBhaadra. On this dayUma Maheswara Vrata as well as Shakra Vrata where Indra is worshiped for children and well-being.

Satyanarayan Pujavrata is observed on all full moon days


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    Get Purnima vrat dates 2018more information about full moon and guru Purnima.

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