Paramananda he Madhava

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paramananda he madhava
padungaluchi makaranda

se-makaranda pana-kari
anande bolo ‘hari hari’

harinka name vandha vela
pari karive caka-dola

mana-mo rahu nirantare

mana mo nirantare rahu
‘ha-krishna’ boli jiva jau

‘ha-krishna’ boli jau jiva
mote udhara radha-dhava

mote udhara radha-dhava
mote udhara radha-dhava


“O supremely blissful Madhava! The nectar is coming from Your lotus feet. Drinking that nectar, I blissfully sing ‘Hari! Hari!’ With the name of Hari I am binding a raft on which Lord Jagannatha will ferry me across this ocean of material existence. My mind always remains at the lotus feet of that Lord Jagannatha who has very large round eyes. In this way, I call out “Ha Krishna!” and give up my life. O husband of Radharani, please deliver me.”


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