New Year’s Resolution: The Spiritual Edition

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Dear Devotees,

Hare Krishna 

We all desire to be better. Resolutions are one way to make the desire reality.

New Year’s resolutions come in many shapes and sizes. There are the fitness related – gym joining, eating healthy and the relationship related – spend time with family . There are resolutions that aim to improve our professional lives – get organized, save money, start a new company; and resolutions geared to enhancing our quality of life – travel, learn something new, acquire a hobby.

Any one of these resolutions can better one’s physical, emotional, and intellectual attributes. Yet they don’t quite get to the root of the matter, which can be reached by making spiritual resolutions.

Make a spiritual resolution to take one step closer to Krishna .To help you along, we are offering Online Spiritual Courses for 2019 to go deeper in understanding Krishna Consciousness.

Make the most of this New Year 2019 by taking any Online Spiritual Course


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