National Seminar on the Bhagavad Gita in Bali

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By Gita Jayanti National Committee

As part of the Gita Jayanti Festival 2018, devotees in Bali, Indonesia organised a wonderful seminar about the importance and significance of the Bhagavad Gita on the 19th November 2018. The seminar was conducted by the ISKCON Gita Jayanti Committee in collaboration with the students of Udayana University. The overall program was lead by HG Nitya Lila das.

There was around 250 participants in the seminar and many VIPs were present; the Vice Governor of Bali, the President and Chairman of the World Hindu Parishad, the Rector of Udayana Univeristy, the Indonesian Directive General of Hindu Community Guidance and the Chairman of ISKCON Indonesia were to name a few.

‘I am especially enthusiastic for our Krishna Conssiouness philosophy or the teachings of Lord Caitanya to be advanced for the benefit of the learned circle and in this connection your well received expose at the University is encouraging.’ Letter to Janardana, 16th January 1970

During the course of the seminar the distinguished speakers addressed the audience on the significance of the Bhagavad Gita in this day and age. HG Vrajendranandana das spoke on how we all should make an effort in trying to dive deeper in understanding the message of the Gita and how this can be practically applied in our day to day life. After the speakers finished their presentations, there was an enlivening question and answer session with the audience.

After the seminar, sumptuous Ekadasi prasad was served and 122 books were also distributed to the participants. Local TV and media captured the event and will be broadcasting it on their’ respective channels in the course of the next few days.

‘I wish that all of our Krishna Consciousness literatures may be available to men of all languages throughout the world, so whatever assistance you can give in this connection is always appreciated.’Letter to Sivananda 22nd July 1969

This seminar was in preparation for two programs in the month of December; ‘Gita Yoga’ and ‘Gita Jayanti’. With the prayers of all the devotees we are expecting for the President of Indonesia to grace one of the programs with over 5000 people expected to attend.

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