Names of Radharani

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* Govinda-anandini – She who gives pleasure to Govinda (Krishna)
* Govinda-mohini – She who mystifies Govinda
* Govinda-sarvasva – the all-in-all of Lord Govinda
* Shiromani Sarva-kanta – the crown jewel of all the Lord’s consorts
* Krishnamayi – the one who sees Krishna both within and without
* Radhika – Her worship of the Lord consists of fulfilling His desires
* Aradhana – The root name of #Radharani, meaning one who excels in worshiping the Lord
* Sarva-lakshmi – The original source of all the goddesses of fortune
* Sarva-kanti – all beauty and luster rest in Her body & all the desires of Lord Krishna rest in Her.
* Madan-Mohan-Mohini – the enchanter of the enchanter of Cupid. Krishna is said to be the enchanter of, and more beautiful than Cupid, the master enchanter. But Radha is the enchanter of Krishna, Madan-Mohan-Mohini.
* Vrshabanu-nandini – daughter of Vrshabanu
* Vrndavaneshvari – Queen of Vrndavana
* Lalita-Sakhi – friend of the gopi (cowherdgirl) Lalita
* Gokula-Taruni – She whom all young girls of Gokula (Vrndavana) worship
* Damodara Rati – She who dresses herself to please Damodara [Krishna]



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