Message from the Chairman of the TOVP By Ambarisa das

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Dear Supporters and Friends,

Please accept my humble respects. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please accept the blessings of Sri Pancha Tattva, Sri Sri Radha Madhava, and Sri Narasimhadev from Sridham Mayapur. Congratulations to all of you in helping Srila Prabhupada fulfill this long cherished dream.

We have completed the year 2018 which was another landmark year for the TOVP in Sridham Mayapur. The most auspicious event of the year was setting the goal to move the deities into their new home by 2022. Mission 22 Marathon has become the battle cry for driving construction and fundraising for the next three years.

Another major event was to bring in a world leading Project Management Consultancy, Cushman & Wakefield, to Mayapur to assist Sadbhuja prabhu and his team to drive the project to completion. They have set up a modern office on the construction site and are hitting the ground running.

In February of 2018, two auspicious Chakras were installed on the main dome and Narasimdev’s dome. The wonderful ceremony was brilliantly organized and executed by Braja Vilas prabhu. Many leaders and devotees from around the world attended to see the amazing event which can be viewed on the TOVP website and Youtube Channel.

The fundraising team of Jananivas prabhu, Svaha devi dasi, Braja Vilas prabhu and myself also had the privilege to visit the wonderful devotees in Hong Kong. Lord Nityananda’s Padukas and Sri Narasimha’s Sitari were warmly welcomed by the ISKCON Hong Kong leadership, His Holiness BV Narasimha Maharaja and Chandra Shekar prabhu, and the effusive devotees.

We are gratefully looking forward to another year of progress and growing awareness of this magnificent temple. We can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support.

“I have named this temple Sri Mayapur Candrodaya Mandir, the Rising Moon of Mayapur. Now make it rise, bigger and bigger until it becomes the full moon. And this moonshine will be spread all over the world. All over India they will come to see. From all over the world they will come”.

– Srila Prabhupada

Your servant,
Ambarisa das

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