Mainaka, a mountain

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This mountain was the son of Himavan and father of Kraunca.
(Sloka 13, Chapter 18, Harivamsa) .


2) How the mountain helped Hanuman.
There is an unbreakable tie between Mainaka and the Kings of Iksvaku family. There is a story in Brahmanda Purana that the sagara (ocean) was constructed by the sixty thousand sons of the King Sagara of Iksvaku family. This sagara once gave refuge to Mainaka and brought it up.
There is a reason for that :-
In the early yugas mountains had wings and they used to fly and drop to the ground as they liked. People used to live in fright always and at the request of the people Indra made the mountains stand in a row and cut off their wings. At that time the god Vayu (wind) took away his friend Mainaka and put him in the ocean. From that day onwards Mainaka and the ocean developed an intimacy which even death could not wipe off.
Hanuman was the son of Vayu, the friend and saviour of Mainaka. It was because of that that Mainaka gave refuge for Hanuman on his way to Lanka. Because the ocean gave refuge to Mainaka after its escape from the sword of Indra and because the ocean (Sagara) was the creation of the sons of Sagara, a King of the Iksvaku race, Mainaka felt indebted to Sagara and the entire race to which he belonged. Mainaka thus had great respect for Sri Ramacandra who belonged to the Iksvaku race. This was also responsible for #Mainaka giving relief to Hanuman on his way to Lanka.
(Also see under Parvata).


2) Other details.

(i) This mountain is situated near the lake Bindusarovara which was to the north of Kailasa. Bhagiratha did penance to bring Ganga to the earth on this mountain.
(Maha-bharata, Chapter 3, Sabha Parva).

(ii) Pandavas who went to the north crossed the mountain Mainaka and went further.
(Maha-bharata Sloka 1, Chapter 139, Vana Parva).

(iii) The mountain Mainaka shines with golden peaks.
(Maha-bharata, Sloka 44, Chapter 145, Vana Parva).



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