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By Purushottam Nitai Das

Imagine if a message suddenly flashes on the sky: “Due to a technical fault the supply of oxygen will remain unavailable for some time all over the world. Next update about the issue in another hour”. What would happen to us? There won’t be just utter chaos but soon the earth will become a graveyard. Not even vultures and jackals would be alive to feast on the dead bodies. But has it ever happened? Never. Can it happen in future? Sceptics and agnostics may say, “Yes”. But it has never happened in millions of years and so will never happen ever because Lord’s creation is flawless and his day to day management is perfect.

With a desire to become a creator like God and be worshipped as God we try to make faultless machines but our product always have certain limitations and need continuous improvement. Rockets sent by us in the space survive only for few years. But the planets created at the time of creation are still smartly dancing along the designated trajectory not losing its path even by an inch. Quite often man tries to belittle God. Titanic was created to prove that man can defy God. It was advertised as the unsinkable ship. “Even God cannot sink it”, the makers claimed. But their ego did not last long and the ship sank. Of course God did not have to personally come to sink the ship, the material nature is sufficient to crush the ego of man.

It’s true that we do possess certain remarkable qualities and so we can also do marvellous deeds. But our design, development and execution have limitations because our knowledge isn’t unlimited. Nature is supremely perfect because she works under the guidance of the Supreme Lord. She provides us all the necessities of life and the supply is never discontinued unless we mess with it. Before we started polluting the river, the river gave us abundant pure drinking water. Earth gave plentiful grains till the time we had not started injecting her with poisonous chemical fertilizers. Cows happily gave and still long to give nutritious milk but still we don’t hesitate to kill her. Rain came on time making sure that there is no flood or famine. Nature is our mother and a mother is the best well – wisher of her child. Nature punishes us not because she likes to do so but because she is forced to do so. To live happily we have to be in harmony with nature. We are the makers of our own destiny. If we choose the path given by God then we open the floodgates of happiness else we march towards disaster.

In fact in Gita 3.10 Krishna explains that if we all live as per the laws of nature as prescribed in Vedic books then we can live peacefully and happily in this world. We won’t be deprived of anything, everything will be provided to us. We just have to accept it, respect it and live in harmony with it.

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