Krishna Searches for the Calves

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At that time, the calves that were pasturing nearby entered into the deep forest, allured by new grasses, and gradually went out of sight. When the boys saw that the calves were not nearby, they became afraid for their safety, and they immediately cried out,


Krishna is the killer of fear personified. Everyone is afraid of fear personified, but fear personified is afraid of Krishna. By crying out the word “Krishna,” the boys at once transcended the fearful situation. Out of His great affection, Krishna did not want His friends to give up their pleasing lunch engagement and go searching for the calves. He therefore said,

“My dear friends, you need not interrupt your lunch. Go on enjoying. I am going personally to find the calves.”

Thus Lord Krishna, still carrying the lump of yogurt-and-rice preparation in His left hand, immediately started to search out the calves in the caves and bushes. He searched in the mountain holes and in the forests, but nowhere could He find them.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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