Guru Tattva Dipika, the book

GURU TATTVA DIPIKA, the book that answers all your questions on the topic of the Guru, the spiritual master.



June 23, 2019

The book Guru Tattva Dipika will be available in three version:

In paper on Amazon, and

In electronic format
– on Amazon and
– in PDF format directly with us simply by emailing us.

In Live Book format. The idea of the Live Books is that it will continue to be forever updated as our researches on  bonafide authorities continue. As we discover new pearls of knowledge, our electronic format will be updated in real time and those who bought it will receive a warning on main page of



June 22, 2019

The folder Guru Tattva in the Archive is now becoming a book entitled

Guru Tattva Dipika

There you will find answers to all questions you may have on the topic.

All news and updates here.




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