Gopa Kumara, from the book “For Their Pleasure”

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One thing to know definitely is that to be here in devotional service is clearly a symptom that you have been chosen. You are special and that you have the oblgation to complete this course, for They are expecting you! As I now refer you to the fabulous story of Gopa Kumar in the Bhrhad Bhagavatamrta.


In this story, Gopa Kumara becomes liberated and is in the spiritual world. He is waiting for Krishna to return home from the pasturing grounds along with the Vraja vasis. When Krishna saw Gopa Kumar, Krishna yelled out,

“Gopa Kumar! It’s Gopa Kumara! Gopa Kumar has come home!”

Then Gopa Kumar and Krishna come running toward each Other. As They ecstatically embrace, They fall unconscious to the ground laying in a pool of Their own tears. Gopa Kumara gets up first. Then the Vrajavasis come to the scene and their bewilderment of seeing Krishna on the ground, they frantically ask,

”What happened to Krishna? Did you do something to Krishna?!”

Then Balarama appears there and examines the scene. He says,

“You are Gopa Kumar aren’t you? Hey everybody, It’s Gopa Kumar. Gopa Kumar has come Home, this is why Krishna is like that!”

So we are all Gopa Kumars! And They are just waiting for us to come Home.


This is why we need to get serious about the Prayojana. Its not that we are independently choosing this path of Devotional service, but we have been chosen to come Home. Srila Prabhupada has come to invite us Home and it would be ungrateful on our part not to excitedly accept this super rare opportunity to receive such an invitation and to procrastinate, or delay for any reason. It’s like when Krishna plays the flute and the gopis leave everything to meet their Beloved. Maybe now we don’t hear the flute yet, but we should be so demanding to want to hear that Transcendental fifth note!


This is a section of the book “For Their Pleasure”.

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