Gauridas, don’t work so much

Every day, Gauridasa Pandit used to prepare various wonderful edibles for the pleasure of his deities and offer it to Gaura and Nityananda. He was always engaged in serving them.

He was so absorbed in service that he was completely unaware of the pleasures and pains of his own body.


Gradually, he approached old age and became feeble and infirm.

In this way, although it was difficult for him to do, he did not cease working hard to cook for his deities.


One day, seeing his hard labor at cooking, Gaura and Nityananda externally appeared very angry, and refused to eat.

At that time, Gauridasa Pandit embraced them affectionately, saying:

“If you don’t want to eat this, tell me what you would like me to cook. I’m ready to cook whatever will make you happy.”

Saying this, Gauridasa Pandita fell silent.


Smiling, the Lord then said in great seriousness,

“There is nothing wrong with your cooking. But there is no need, at your advanced age, to cook so many preparations. We can’t tolerate seeing you go to such a great effort on our behalf. We would be happier if you would exert less effort and just do something simple.”


Gauridasa Pandit said,
“Eat what I have cooked today. In the future, I won’t take such great steps.
Everything will be kept simple. I will only cook a little shak and offer it on a fresh banana leaf.”


Hearing the words of the Pandit, the brothers, Gaura and Nityananda, smiled and laughed and ate everything on their plates.



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