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When you have become sold out to reaching the Prayojana, all these suggestions will have great value. You will be experiencing all that you have read about; free of the bodily concept, tolerant, forgiving, etc.


One important occasion that comes twice a month is the wonderful Sri Ekadasi. On this day, one can experience significant advancement in spiritual life by dedicating these two days of the month exclusively to the service of our Priya Priyatam! Ideally these days should be free of any other business than hearing chanting and remembering.


No mundane association, meaning no talking about anything with anyone. Best to lock the door and announce Mauna Vrata on a note that you put on the door. Ideally the day should be a 24 hr day of no drinking, no eating and no sleeping.


Break the 24 hr day into 3 eight hr segments. First you begin with Mangala Arati, Tulasi Puja and then your Japa for two hours. Then the next two hours with some karatalas and a song book where you just do Bhajanas and Kirtans. The next two hours absorbed in reading and the next two hours writing. Then repeat the sequence for the next eight hours and then again for the final eight hours, bringing you into the dawning of the next day. The feeling you will experience of making it the whole way, like swimming across a lake or something!


The hard part is the last two or three hours before day break. This will really test your endeavor. You will find yourself splashing water on your face, walking around, anything you can do to stay awake. Then, suprizingly, when that crack of first light appears, you will feel a sense of conquer, a victory, a great feeling that you did it! Without wanting to deviate from the mood of your bhajan, Krishna will give you this incredible feeling of devotion. You will find a surge of immediate full energy as if you had slept all night.


This is an ideal Ekadasi, and may be hard to do each time, but it’s an immediate goal toward you final Goal! Considering this ultimate Vrata, you can adjust accordingly, and do what ever you can. As always, your purpose is only to please your Sweethearts of your heart!


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