Covered in Grease or Covered in Cow Dung…

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The topic animal vs. machine is raging…. How to analyze this most perplexing question? Well, I have had a lot of time to not only think about it, and to get both grease and cow dung all over me… and I have to say… the cow dung was by far superior. I would do that all over again… and I think I just might… today… to celebrate the 4th of July, declaring independence from the machine. But unfortunately that will not happen… Simply talking about using the oxen and other animals for power will remain a theory, until someone out there has the determination to dedicate their life for the animal’s side.

We can propound up and down the green valley how much superior is the cow than the machine, but until we do it, and do it with conviction, like our lives depended on them, it will not happen. It cannot be a hobby, or a sideline, while maintaining a job at the bank, etc. It has to be full dependence on the animals to exist… (Krishna too, of course). But on the ground, the animals must become part of your family circle… goodnight Gabe, goodnight Kirtan, goodnight Samantha, goodnight Alyssa, etc., good night humans… And now the cows… goodnight Kurma, goodnight Vrinda, Goodnight Yasoda, goodnight Radha… etc. May you all be healthy and strong and eat sumptuous grasses, and produce gallons of milk…

We have to depend on the animals, like family members, then all this greasy, oily mess will go to the metal yard. And that’s it, folks. Without full dependence on the cows and the land we will continue to go to the store in the noisy grease box, continue to buy gas, and continue to maintain these machines until they are taken away. Only when they are taken away will we suddenly fall in love and dependence on the animals.

Don’t get me wrong, we love all our cows, and we call them by name as above, but we are not in full dependency on them, or the oxen. As long as the machines are working we will use them, because when they work… (and they don’t always work), but when they do, they can accomplish so much with only one person and bucket of oil.

So lack of human bodies is one problem… But even if we had hundreds of human bodies here, we still lack the skills and the determination to overcome the learning curve to really and effectively become the cow-centered, self-sufficient humans. Yet with all that working against us, we have accomplished many skills and arts of the land and animals that… if… the whole thing falls apart out there… we have the self-sufficient skills to survive easily. And finally we will have to come to the point of living with our cows, as they will be our only true means of survival. And so it goes…

But all of this is completely useless if our spiritual priorities are not in line… without Harinam sankirtana and Krishna katha… the whole thing… whether animal or machine… is useless. Just another wasted life.

Yes, this is the way of perfection. Come and chant with us, come and visit our cows, and you may also glance over the greasy tractors. So much coming from the Valley of Kirtan… “The Essence Drinker”.



Covered in Grease or Covered in Cow Dung…
That is the question!



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