Colors for the Deity

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Sunday – Ruled by the sun.  The Lord is generally dressed in red garment (ruby).
Monday – Ruled by the moon.  Their Lordships wears white on this day, the color of pearl.
Tuesday -Ruled by the planet Mars. wears red or pink garments on this day, the color of the coral.
Wednesday – Ruled by Mercury. Lord wears green, the color of the emerald.
Thursday – Ruled by Jupiter. Lord wear yellow or gold dress, the color of the yellow sapphire.
Friday – Ruled by the planet Venus. Lord wears white garments this day, the color of the diamond.
Saturday – Ruled by the planet Saturn. Lords wears the black cloth on this day, corresponding to the color of the blue sapphire.



Generally in temples we do not strictly follow this routine, but on special days like Ekadasi, the lord is dressed in Red or Pink Colour. 

On Purnima, white and Amavasya, Black or dark colors.


Nila Madhava Das

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