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As Krishna, the Supreme Lord has two hands, he plays a flute, he has a transcendental form of eternity, knowledge, and bliss, and he is known by the names Govinda and Gopal. Lakshmidevi is nondifferent from him, in that he is the Supreme Energetic and She is His Supreme Energy. (sei jaganmata lakshmi vishnur anapayini shakti) This confirmed throughout the shastra. Whatever form the lord appears in, there is a corresponding Lakshmi form who acts as his eternal consort. When the Lord appears as a god, Lakshmi appears as a goddess. When the Lord advents as an ordinary human being, Lakshmi also descends upon this earth as an ordinary human being. Baladeva Vidyabhushan says: teshu sarveshu lakshmi-rupeshu radhayah svayam laksmitvam mantavyam sarveshu bhagavad-rupeshu krishnasya svayam bhagavatvavat: (Vedanta-samantaka 2.37) Of all the manifestations of Lakshmidevi, Shrimati Radharani is the Supreme Goddess, just as amongst so many avatars of Godhead, Krishna is the supreme Personality of Godhead. This is confirmed in the Brihad-Gautamiya Tantra,which states, “Shri Radhika is the Supreme Goddess. Her very nature is Krishna, for her very existence is permeated by Krishna. Therefore she is known as Krishnamayi, or one who is full of Krishna. She is known as Paradevata, for she is the Supreme Goddess. All other goddesses are subordinate to her. She is the Supreme Lakshmi and her transcendental effulgence surpasses all conceptions of brilliance. She is the supreme enchantress, for she enchants Krishna Himself, who is capable of charming millions of cupids.”

Baladev cites Shaunaka Muni who says in Shrimad-Bhagavatam that of all the avatars, expansions of Godhead, and Personalities of Godhead, Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The worship of Krishna, must therefore be regarded as the highest form of worship.

According to Baladeva, the jiva souls are the atomic spiritual energy of the Lord. The souls are eternal and can never be destroyed by any means. The soul’s true eternal nature is to be filled with transcendental knowledge: sa ca jivo bhagavadaso mantavyah dasabhuto harereva nanyasyaive kadacaneti padmat (Vedanta-samantaka 3.11) “It is the constitutional nature of the soul to be a servant of Bhagavan Shri Krishna. It is the version of the Padma-Purana that the soul is an eternal servant of Hari, and has no other genuine position.” By surrender to the lotus feet of a spiritual master who is a devotee of Krishna,one attain Krishna-bhakti by the guru’s mercy. Upon attaining Krishna-bhakti one gets Krishna Himself.

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