Fun Through Storms at Toronto, Ontario by Bhaktimarga Swami

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I actually had a blast in the ‘blast’. Yes, indeed, the wind picked up today and tossed twenty-plus centimetres of snow into the air.  I see it as a dance–a romance perhaps–snow and wind in a waltz.   I felt pity for motorists in either ‘stand-still’ traffic, or a ‘crowd’ of cars.  “Suckers,” I could … Read More

The Perfection of Consciousness By Karandhara Dasa

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From Back to Godhead By Karandhara Dasa Krsna consciousness means God consciousness. We all have consciousness or awareness, but of what are we aware? For example, if you are pinched you will feel it that is consciousness. In our normal everyday activities we are conscious of so many things like our stomach, … Read More

Bonds of Love: Vrndavana Vilasini Devi Dasi

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Vrndavana Vilasini was attached to a hippie life of independence but found that lifestyle to be no protection from painful events and the intense suffering they caused. In her travels around America, she met devotees, heard the holy name, and took prasada. Finally, she ended up back in Seattle, Washington, her hometown. … Read More

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