Anasuya, the wife of Atri

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Wife of Sage Atri, son of Brahma.
(Visnu Purana, Part 1, Chapter 10) .


1) Genealogy. From Mahavisnu were born in order:
Brahma, Svayambhuva Manu, Devahuti, Anasuya.

To Svayambhuva, son of Brahma, was born by his wife Satarupa five children: Uttanapada, Priyavrata, Ahuti, Devahuti and Prasuti.
Devahuti was married to Kardama, son of Brahma. They begot two daughters Kala and Anasuya.
Marici married Kali and Atri married Anasuyi.
(Bhagavata, Skandha 1, Chapter 4)


2) The Tapasakti of #Anasuya.
Once upon a time, rain having failed for ten years the whole world sweated it agony and river Ganga got dried up. Famine stalked the world. In this dire contingency it was the tapassakti of Anasuya that made trees bear fruits and Ganga to flow again. Also, she converted ten days into nights on the request of the Devas.

During their forest life Rama and Sita reached the her mitage of sage Atri, and the sage and Anasuya treated the guests sumptuously.

The above story about the, tapassakti of Anasuyi was told then by Atri.

The story helped to increase Rama’s respect for Anasuya. Anasuya gave Sita all proper advice. She taught Sita that absolute service to husband is the greatest tapas ordained to women.
Anasuya gave to Siti a very sacred garland and a sublime gem.
And, after that Rama and Sita let the hermitage.
(Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhyakanda Cantos 117 and 118.) .


3) Sons of Anasuya.
She had three sons: Dattatreya, Durvasa and Candra.
(Visnu Purana, Part 1, Chapte 10) .

(The reason for Mahavisnu being born as Dattatreya, Siva as Durvasas and Brahma as Candra to Anasuya is given under Atri).




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