Akampana Tells What Happened to Ravana – The Ramayana, in English

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Only one Raksasa named Akampana managed to escape. He possessed mystical powers thanks to which he could travel through the air at great speed. He fled to Lanka, Ravana’s kingdom. Akampana told the king all that happened and described the amazing power of Rama and the divine beauty of Sita.

“That man fights inconceivably,” he said breathlessly. “He alone could exterminate fourteen thousand of us who had the power and ability that you know well. He was so fast in the fight that only arrows could be seen in the air and the bodies of our mutilated warriors scattered all over. We were taken by surprise, we did not expect such a warrior, nor did we think he existed among mortals.”

Akampana paused for a moment to catch his breath.

“While I was fighting,” he then resumed, “I saw hidden in the slopes of the nearby hill a woman of indescribable beauty. I realized she was his wife; Surpanakha had described her to us. Frankly, I tell you that in all of creation there is no such beautiful woman. While I was running away, I couldn’t stop thinking about that heavenly beauty, and I thought she would be the companion worthy of you and your greatness. When you see her, you will understand the meaning of beauty. And when Rama sees himself deprived of his beloved wife, we can easily kill him and avenge the insult he has done to us. Great King Ravana, kidnap Sita and destroy Rama.”


This is a section of the book “The Ramayana”, in English.

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