A Mountain of Faults

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Dhirasanta Das Goswami: It was the hour of the day when anyone could come to the king and present anything and the king would deal with it. So Maharaja Yudhisthira was on the throne waiting for people and Bhima was at the entrance to the castle in the next room.
One man came and said to Bhima, “I have to see Yudhisthira, I have got a big problem and I can’t figure it out.” Bhima replied, “Oh. What is the problem?” The man said, “I have got a vegetable garden and for security purposes I built a wall around it but now the wall is moving – coming in on the vegetable garden. And the wall is taking the vegetables. I can’t figure it out. How can a wall do that?” Bhima said, “Shew! I don’t know. Go and ask Yudhisthira.” So the man went in to speak with the King.
Then after some time another man came and said, “Oh, big problem! I took some water out of a bucket of water and I poured the water into five smaller containers but then for some reason when I poured the water back from the five containers into the bucket there was less water in the bucket. What is going on?” Bhima said, “Shew! I don’t know. Go and ask Yudhisthira.”
Then another man came and said, “I have got a problem. What a problem! I have an elephant and we were walking along and we came to a wall. There is a hole in the wall so we walked through the wall but the tail of the elephant got stuck in the hole. I can’t understand it. What is going on?” Bhima said, “Shew! I don’t know. Go and ask Yudhisthira. He is good with these types of problems.”
Then a fourth man came and said, “You won’t believe what happened. I just can’t understand it. There was a mountain over there, just a little way away – a big pile of rocks, like boulders and rocks all piled up making a mountain with no vegetation, just one little vine – a small vine sticking out. I pulled the vine and the whole mountain collapsed. The whole thing collapsed! Finished! There is no mountain left. What is going on?” Bhima said, “Shew! I can’t figure it out. Go and ask Yudhisthira.” So that fourth man went to the King as well.
Bhima was waiting to hear from the men when they came out what solutions had been given but none of them came out. Then he thought, “I am curious here. I am going to go in and find out for myself.” So he went in. Yudhisthira was just sitting there on his own. And Bhima said, “So what happened with those four men? What did you tell them?” Yudhisthira said, “Four men? What four men? Nobody has come to see me so far. I am just sitting here on my own. Tell me about these four men.”
So Bhima said, “First man: He has a vegetable garden with a wall around it, but the wall is moving in and eating the vegetables.” Yudhisthira sat up. He said, “Really? Tell me more.”
“Second man: He had this bucket of water. He poured it into five cups and poured it back but there became less water.” Yudhisthira sat up even more, “Really? Tell me more.”
“Third: he has got an elephant. He went through a hole in the wall with the elephant and the elephant’s tail got stuck in the hole.” Yudhisthira sat up even more and said, “Get those men. Find them. Catch them. Lock them up.”
Bhima was totally bewildered and he said, “What? What is going on here? Please tell me.” And Yudhisthira explained, “They are personifications of Kali-yuga. But it is not Kali-yuga yet. It is still Dvarpara-yuga. So catch them. Lock them up. Don’t let them loose now.”
He explained, “The man with the encroaching wall represents the leaders, the governments. They are meant to protect the people from the thieves but they become the biggest thieves.
And then the bucket of water poured into the five cups but then you get less back. That is like children in Kali-yuga. The parents put so much effort into them and then when the children grow up they just go their own ways and they don’t reciprocate or give some proper respect to their parents.
Then the third man – the elephant goes through the hole in the wall. It has to be a big hole, but his tail gets caught.” Yudhisthira said, “In Kali-yuga, many of the big government people, business people, are big crooks but because they are so powerful they can get away with it. And some little man does some little crime, some little fraud or something, he gets caught and then there is a big story in the news paper, ‘Fraudster is caught’”
Then Bhima said, “What about the fourth man who pulled the creeper?” And Yudhisthira said, “Yes that is very good. He is showing that in Kali-yuga, even though it is a mountain of faults, just with one little thing – just by chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra the whole mountain of faults just collapses.”

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