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Ketu (Ketuman)   A Danava. He was the son of Kasyapa (grandson of Brahma and son of Marici ) by his wife Danu. This Asura, who exists in the shape of a planet had thirtythree brothers, … Read More


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#Apasampradayas Deviation of the disciplic succession Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Jata-gosani: caste goswamis 3. Smartas: caste brahmanas 4. Prakrita-sahajiya: cheap pseudo-devotees 5. Gauranga-nagaris: rasabhasa bhaktas 6. Sakhi-bheki & Cudadhari: rasa-lila imitators 7. Atavadi: “Too … Read More

Urvasi curses Arjuna

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  Srila Prabhupada: In one sense, Indra is the real father of Arjuna, and therefore indirectly he wanted to entertain Arjuna with the famous society girl of heaven, Urvaśī, the celebrated beauty. The society girls of … Read More


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The word daṇḍa means rod or pole. A rod or pole falls straight; similarly, when one offers obeisances to his superior with all eight aṅgas (parts) of the body, he performs what is called daṇḍavat. Sometimes … Read More


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  #Arghya Water offered at the respectful reception of a guest.      

Sakti – Vasistha’s Son

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Shakti – Vasishta’s Son King Kalmashapada was driving in his chariot along the forest track. Shakti, the eldest son of Vasistha and #Arundhati, encountered the chariot in the forest. Shakti did not move to a side … Read More


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    अंशावतरन n. aMzAvatarana descent of part of a deity   अंशावतरन n. aMzAvatarana partial incarnation   अंशावतरन n. aMzAvatarana title of sections 64-67 of the first book of the Mahabharata     #Ansavatarana   … Read More


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#Naciketa   NACIKETA. A sage of olden days. Son of Uddalaki, he lived for a long time in the asrama serving his father, who devoted his time to performing yajfias. Naciketa, who was once sent into … Read More

Radharani, por Srila Prabhupada.

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    Radharani, la potencia de placer original, siempre absorta en pensar en Krishna. Así que cualquiera que viene ante Radharani para servir a Krishna, oh, Ella se vuelve tan satisfecha, “Oh, aquí está un devoto … Read More

Gli studi di Nimai

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    Dopo aver completato gli studi ordinari, Nimai avvicinò Raghunatha Siromani Pandita per continuare a esplorare la conoscenza vedica. E’ detto inoltre che studiò anche con Vishnu Pandita e Sudarshana Pandita. Ogni giorno si recava … Read More

Sisama tree

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  A #sisama (#shishama) tree is a large, crooked tree with long, leathery leaves and whitish or pink flowers.   Dalbergia sissoo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia       Jump to navigationJump to search Dalbergia … Read More

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