The Unique glory of Sri Vrindavana

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    Sri Vrndavana is not merely a tirtha (holy place), but is Bhagavan’s own dhama (abode), or His own home. It is no exaggeration to say that Vrndavana is Krishna’s svarupa (form) because Krishna and … Read More

Receta. Arepas vegana

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    INGREDIENTES 2 y 1/2 tazas de agua (625 ml), templada 1 o 2 cucharadita de sal 1 cucharadita de aceite de oliva virgen extra, opcional 2 tazas de harina de máiz blanco precocida (320 … Read More


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  A celestial musician with bodies resembling that of a humans but with a head similar to horses.     #Kinnara  

Mandara, the mountain

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  A mountain of Puranic fame. The following information is gathered from Maha-bharata regarding this mountain (1) This mountain rises up to ten thousand yojanas and also goes down to ten thousand yojanas. (Chapter 18; Sloka … Read More

Meru (Mahameru)

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  The golden coloured peak of Himavan, the seat of Lord Siva.   1) General features. Meru surpasses even the sun in its dazzling golden brilliance. Devas and Gandharvas attend on it on all sides. It … Read More

Uccaihsrava, the horse

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  Correct way to write it: Uccaihsrava   A horse which emerged from water during the churning of the sea of Milk. (See under Ksirabdhimathana). Devendra grabbed it the moment he saw it, and thenceforth it became … Read More

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